Blogging for a Plastic Surgery Practice: A Sample Post

By Sharon H.

One thing that a lot of patients look at when they’re looking for a new doctor is their website, and especially their blog. They want to know how knowledgeable the doctor is and if they provide good customer service with useful articles.

This is particularly true for potential plastic surgery patients, since plastic surgery brings up many questions and concerns. If you are a plastic surgeon, you might have thought about blogging for your practice. But it can be hard to find enough time to do it. That is why it’s a good idea to hire a service to do the work for you. A service can provide you with posts such as the 339-word sample below.

How 3D Imaging is Helping Patients and Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgery has been done for thousands of years, dating back to 2000 BC, according to a 2006 article published in the Internet Journal of Plastic Surgery, via Internet Scientific Publications. For years, women have been turning to plastic surgeons for their expertise in making them look younger and more beautiful, whether it’s through a face lift or through liposuction.

blogging for a plastic surgeonUp until recent years, however, when a woman went to a plastic surgeon for a consult for a facelift, they could only trust the surgeon’s word and skills to make them look the way they want to look.

But thanks to the technology that is available, when a patient goes to a plastic surgeon, they have the chance to see how their face will look after the facelift is done. Advances in technology have given plastic surgeons the ability to show their patients what they can do for them on the screen before the surgical procedure is ever started.

Imagine going to a plastic surgeon because you are unhappy with the way you look and being able to get a glimpse into your future self. Imagine being able to look at that 3D image that your doctor will show you. It will be like looking into a mirror, except the mirror will show you what you will look like after the surgery is complete.

The technology which has been developed, allowing the patients to see what they will look like in the future, also helps the surgeon. Too many surgeons in the past have had to deal with patients who did not turn out the way that they expected, and that causes problems for both patients and surgeons.

Thanks to this new technology, the surgeon can see the joy on the patient’s face and the patient can see what they will look like after the surgery is over. This helps to give the patient hope and it helps the doctor to avoid any misunderstandings with what the patient can expect.

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