The Impact Of Panda 4.1 On Blog Writing And Content Marketing


By Ken Bradford

On September 25, 2014, Google made the announcement that it was slowly rolling out a new algorithm update called Panda 4.1. It appears that with each new update, which seem to be coming about each quarter, Google continues to inject the human factor in search results. So, what is the impact of Panda 4.1 on blog writing and content marketing?

content marketingIf your content is thin, you can’t win!

Are you relying on one single page of high-quality web content to drive the search rankings for your blog ? If so, you had better re-evaluate, because all your pages must now be high-quality. Whether you rank on the first page or the 78th page of Google, your content needs to be useful and relevant.

Duplicate content is not appreciated by people or search engines.

It appears that Panda 4.1 severely impacted affiliate websites due to excessive duplication. Also, if your blog relies primarily on aggregated or syndicated content, you have probably already felt the impact of this new update. People and search engines are demanding original and quality blog content. The importance of quality writing is being more strongly reinforced with each new algorithm update.

How is Google defining quality blog content?

The blogs that will rank best in the search are those delivering 100% original content that provides value to the general public. Panda 4.1 goes a step further. It seems that search results will now be impacted by the engagement of those who read blog articles. So, now your blog content must not only be useful, but it must encourage engagement in the form of comments and shares.

Quality blog content will not only improve your search rankings, but it will ultimately strengthen your brand and products. Quality content should be the cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. If you are doing that already, you should survive Panda 4.1. If you are not sure, you probably need some professional blog-writing help.

At BlogMutt, our first concern is quality. It is the foundation of our business, and it can be seen in the blog articles we create. If you are concerned about the type of information you are delivering in your business blog, hire our blog writers to deliver your message as it should be delivered.


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