White Hat Crowd is now BlogMutt

We’re all about learning lessons here at BlogMutt. You can teach old dogs new tricks, it seems, even if the dogs aren’t all that old.

The first version of this business had a broader focus, and so we gave it a generic name that had some general hint of an Estonian word in it… Turuly. That’s actually still our corporate name.

Our vision for the company evolved, and we fell out of love with the name, in part because no less than Jason Calcanis told Scott very clearly that the name sucked, and that we must change it. Also a very polite Estonian woman told us that we had the grammar all wrong and really we should name the company something that sounded to our ears like “turd.”

Then the incomparable Luke Beatty gave us our next name: White Hat Crowd. The thinking was that we were employing “White Hat” techniques for improving the search engine performance of small and niche companies. The “crowd” part of the name came from the fact that we have a crowd of writers, that we were a true crowdsource company. He was right about all that, and it’s not a bad name, but most of our potential customers don’t really know about “white hat” or “crowdsourcing.” They just know they have a blog and they need to fill it up with original content, and they just don’t have time to write it all up themselves.

So we needed something memorable, something sticky. We spent hours on name.com trying various combinations of languages, words, etc. Nothing stuck.

Then one evening Scott’s wife, Kathy, was looking down at the family’s new dog and said, “Why don’t you call it BlogMutt? It’s memorable, and it lets people know that you are not a bunch of prima-donna show dogs… you are just hard-working, lovable mutts.”

Best of all, we didn’t need an expensive model for the photo in our logo, we just grabbed a picture of Buddy and put him to work earning that top-shelf dog food.

So, we are now BlogMutt. Watch this space for more, including when we will actually launch.



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