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10 Luxury Virginia Beach Communities You Need To See To Believe

By a Verblio Writer

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Did you know that the 757 is not just a hot spot for tourism, but also has many luxury communities tucked away in aquatic paradises? Builders are breaking ground all around the city, carving paradises of upscale homes packed with amenities to die for. Waterfront properties can only be obtained at a premium, but that doesn’t stop many from getting their dream home that is cradled by the sound of breaking waters.

1. Oceanfront Homes

Lined up along the Virginia Beach coast with private beaches as their backyard, these mammoths cost a pretty penny but are worth every cent. Though these homes do not exist under the banner of one community, they all grace the furthermost street of the sea, Ocean Front Avenue. Living in these homes can make your life feel like an endless beach vacation. Imagine peaceful sunrooms, spacious kitchens, and massive floor plans that make entertaining easy.

Open the windows to smell the sea breeze on a cool summer morning, and spend your weekends watching the waves on your private beach. As icing on the cake, many of these homes are equipped with a staircase that leads all the way to an open-roofed view of the sky. Oceanfront villas like these are in high demand and only grow in value, so owning one is very likely to give you good returns.

2. Cape Story by the Sea

If you want exclusive access to the Chesapeake Bay and to bask on the sands of peaceful beaches, then Cape Story by the Sea is your ideal community. Residents of Cape Story tout it as the best place to live in Virginia Beach for its awesome amenities, quiet living, and high-end homes. When you are not lounging on the beach, you can enjoy the neighborhood’s exclusive bike trails and annual events like the 4th of July parade.

3. Broad Bay Estates

Homes in the Great Neck area are newer constructions that are both modern and luxurious. There are plenty of highly-rated schools in this district like Virginia Beach Elementary, Middle, and High schools. Broad Bay Estates is located on the cove of the Lynnhaven River, offering great waterfront views and water access.

There are still plots of land that are waiting for you to break ground and build your dream home. The community’s builders offer customized floor plans to make the home 100% yours when you move in. If you live here, you will be just fifteen minutes from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, incredible restaurants, and premium shopping at Hilltop.

4. Sandbridge

Everyone knows about Virginia Beach’s main oceanfront, but if you take some lesser-known roads down that same coastline, you will discover a peaceful and elite community on a 5-mile stretch of sand called Sandbridge Beach. Here you will find incredible oceanfront homes located in an area that is often nicknamed “Virginia’s Outer Banks” because of its low-key ambiance.

If you want a getaway that is not too far away from civilization, Sandbridge has a home for you. Many properties here are hooked up with all the bells and whistles like a cabana bar, sundeck, pool, hot tub, and ample space for all your guests, with some as massive as 6,000 square feet and beyond!

5. Lynnhaven Shores Condominiums

If you are the kind of person who wants to downsize but not skimp on luxury, then Lynnhaven Shores Condominiums may have just what you need. This private community offers condos with views of Chesapeake Bay, huge kitchens, and modern open floor plans—all without the landscaping responsibilities.

The whole complex is just a short walk to restaurants and the bay, making life convenient and enjoyable.

6. Thalia Island

Located at the fork of Thalia Creek and Buchanan Creek, Thalia Island is actually an islet that contains a neighborhood of just six homes. This hidden area grants residents access to docks and out-of-this-world waterfront views of the Lynnhaven River. Homes here are large and equipped with all the desirable features one would expect from a high-end getaway like hot tubs, porches, huge game rooms, modern kitchens, and plenty of bathrooms for everyone.

7. Bay Colony

Bay Colony combines the best of quiet neighborhood living with the proximity to the beach. Here, you will typically see homes averaging around 5,000 square feet in living space, making ample room for every detail like sunrooms, dens, multiple living rooms. Many of these homes have the waters of Linkhorn Bay in their backyard, making an incredible sunset view a part of every evening.

8. Kings Grant Waterfront Homes

Have you ever wanted a gorgeous estate with waterfront views, complete with a balcony retreat attached to the master bedroom? How about a massive kitchen and heated saltwater pool to top it off? That’s the kind of home you will find at the waterfront areas of Kings Grant, a district in Virginia Beach located near the banks of the magnificent Lynnhaven River.

9. Birdneck Point

Another marvelous neighborhood at the Lynnhaven River that allows you to buy your dream home on the waterfront. Homes in Birdneck Point are modern, with open floor plans, complete with all the bells and whistles. Enjoy the proximity to outdoor recreational activities like golf and tennis at the Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club. You can also have access to boating on Linkhorn bay whenever leisure calls you.

10. Croatan Beach Oceanfront

After just a short detour down Pacific Avenue and a left on Croatan Road, you’ll reach this peaceful beach that not many tourists know about. Homes here have spectacular ocean views and are massive, containing luxurious amenities like a wine room, chef’s kitchen, gym, fire pit, and heated saltwater pool. These homes are also built to be tough against the sea wind with thick concrete walls and steel framing. When you pay top dollar, you only get the best.

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