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Real Estate (Residential)

How I Tailor Real Estate Content To Different Word Counts

By a Verblio Writer

(409 words)

4 Sample Posts, 4 Blog Post Lengths

Adjusting my content to different word counts required being mindful of being thorough while adhering to the target blog length. There’s a right word count for every topic, so having the right subscription is key to obtaining outstanding content.

To help you out, I’ve prepared a snapshot of my experiences with each word count in regards to real estate writing.

People looking for a new home.

250+ words:

  • These shorter blog posts are better suited to cover narrow topics like a brief introductory seller’s guide or a neighborhood overview. This is why I chose a snapshot of Virginia Beach’s springtime activities and did not attempt anything more in-depth that would have been stretched too thin.

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600+ words:

  • This is my favorite word count range for real estate. 600-899 words hits a sweet spot in blog lengths that enables me to cover most topics satisfactorily without running on for too long. Agents need to gear their blogs toward the standard home searcher who is often a novice to real estate transactions. 600 words helps me give just enough informative material to engage and entertain the standard reader without losing their attention.

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900+ words:

  • If you use this word count, keep your posts scannable with clear headers. For this reason, blogs this length make the perfect top 10 listicles! Home searchers want to know the best neighborhoods, schools, and restaurants in their area of interest, so providing content like this will appeal to your target audience.

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1200+ words:

  • 1200 words are the perfect length for an in-depth blog post or a short white paper. I decided to make my post a whitepaper that could be offered in a call-to-action in exchange for some contact information. New buyers often have a lot of questions about the home buying process, therefore I tailored this post to them, offering a “first-time home buyers’ guide”.

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Hope This Helps With Your Word Counts!

I hope this helps you decide on which word counts to sign up for. Remember, you can always alter your subscription after you start receiving posts if your topics are more geared toward to shorter/longer word counts. Keep in mind that more specific you are with your needs, the better our team of writers can deliver you knockout content.

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