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Direct Mail Teasers That Grab Attention

By a Verblio Writer

(226 words)

When it comes to direct marketing, what you put on the outside of your envelopes is just as important as the content you put inside. Take a look at a few answers to commonly asked questions about teasers.

What are teasers? Teasers refer to the copy on the outside of the envelope. Their purpose is to get your recipient to open the envelope and read your letter. Treat teasers like a headline. Make people want to see the story without giving away all the details. State the problem and suggest the solution is inside.

Do all mailings need them? The short answer is no. Teasers are great for acquisitions where you’re reaching out to people who have had no previous contact with your company. On the other hand, a teaser on a B2B mailing could make a receptionist screen your piece out as unwanted advertising. Existing customers may not need teasers if you have a strong relationship with them.

What about content? Teasers should be brief and persuasive. Use buzzwords like “free” and create a sense of urgency. Appeal to your reader’s self-interest. Sadly, humor tends to backfire. There’s too much room for misunderstanding when you’re using very few words and talking with people you don’t know. Of course, teasers don’t have to be all text. Add compelling images.

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