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Our Top 5 Convertibles of 2022

By a Verblio Writer

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Planning a summer road trip? When it comes to enjoying scenic views on an open road, a convertible offers an unmatched driving experience.

If you’re looking for a convertible to spruce up this season’s drives—whether that’s across town or across the country—you’ve got nearly unlimited options from different manufacturers. To help narrow your options, we drew our own conclusions about five of this year’s top choices.

1. 2022 BMW Z4 Roadster

Starting MSRP: $49,900

The BMW Z4 Roadster is a fast, agile, and sophisticated machine. The smallest convertible BMW offers, this two-seater prioritizes a downright fun driving experience with sport-tuned suspension and rear-wheel drive, in addition to its 3.0L I6 Turbo engine.

Unsurprisingly, the Roadster is built around the driver. It also offers two trim levels and includes much of the tech that is becoming standard on new cars, such as Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility and remote start. While it lacks several of the assistive driving features that you’ll see from the more expensive options on this list, the Roadster is hard to beat for handling and sheer excitement.

2. 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 

Starting MSRP: $140,000

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the driver-obsessed Roadster, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a full-size luxury sedan built with comfort in mind. The four-seater features five trim levels and a host of customizable features, from the 64-color LED ambient lighting to the dual 12.3-inch widescreens. It also offers additional advanced technology, like the Mercedes-Benz AIRSCARF® neck-warming system designed to keep your convertible comfortable for longer. 

At that price tag, however, you want to know you’re not paying only for elegant add-ons. Fortunately, the S-Class delivers on the performance side, too. Its 4.0L Biturbo V8 engine can take you from 0 to 60 in 4.5, while all-wheel drive and adaptive suspension keep you firmly on the road. 

3. 2022 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Starting MSRP: $69,695

While its styling has changed over the years, one thing that has never changed is the Corvette’s place at the top of many driver’s wishlists. On the inside, this two-seater features three trim levels, cooled front seats, a heads-up display, in-car WiFi, remote engine starting, and several other technologies for maximum comfort and convenience.

Under the hood, it is mounted with a high-performance 6.2L V8 engine for incredible speed, and it comes standard with rear-wheel drive. The Corvette continues to be the go-to convertible for anyone looking for a thrilling driving experience. 

4. 2022 Ford Mustang GT

Starting MSRP: $45,785

Another American classic, the Ford Mustang GT is both a high-style and high-performance convertible. The four-seater offers six trim levels and a 2.3L I4 Turbo engine with rear-wheel drive. 

As in most four-seaters, the Mustang’s backseat passengers may feel cramped—but honestly, you don’t drive a convertible for the space. Ford has also kept this car up-to-date with features like lane-assist technology and Bluetooth compatibility, while still keeping its classic feel, even down to the standard 6-speed manual transmission.

5. 2022 BMW 4 Series

Starting MSRP: $53,300

For a more fully decked out BMW than the Roadster, the 4 Series offers a choice between the core model 430i Convertible and the 430i xDrive Convertible. Both cars feature a 2.0L I4 engine, though the xDrive comes standard with all-wheel drive.

This four-seater also boasts a start/stop system, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, pedestrian detection, front and rear parking sensors, forward collision warning, and lane-keep assist. It also features remote access via the BMW app to lock and unlock your doors and even start your engine.

Whether you want the agility of the Roadster, the comfort of the S-Class, or the all-American muscle of the Mustang, you can’t go wrong with any of these convertible picks. Still undecided? Browse more of our car insights to find the perfect vehicle for your summer (and year-round) drives.

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