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Cleaning Industry – The Nose Knows: New Eco-Friendly Solution for Any Floor Drain

By a Verblio Writer

(350 words)

Science tells us that our ability to smell is the strongest of all our senses. The average person inhales over 23,000 times every day, and each breath carries with it so many scent-laden molecules that it’s impossible to count them all.

Those molecules have the power not only to deliver aroma, but to activate physical responses, trigger emotions, and evoke memories of sights, sounds, and events, as well.

Just think of everything that floods your mind and body when you get an early-morning whiff of fresh-brewed coffee and sizzling bacon. Or when you smell corn dogs and cotton candy. Or funeral flowers. Powerful stuff, huh?

Yeah, but you’re probably wondering why this particular science lesson is being presented in a blog about eco-friendly floor drains.

Well, it’s because those same powerful little molecules that make you willing to pay $12 for a bucket of movie popcorn can make you want to head for the door when they come bearing the pungent stench of sewer gas.

No matter how clean, modern, and efficient a facility is, the slightest hint of this unwelcome odor brings with it the impression that there is a lack of proper care, maintenance, and up-to-date systems expected by sophisticated building owners, clients, personnel, and visitors.

Sadly, sometimes this impression is based upon truth, because while cutting-edge technology is being embraced in many other facets of facility management today, often floor-drain maintenance is still of the “dump a bucket of primer or water down the drain to keep the traps from drying out” vintage. While this approach may be somewhat effective, it’s also time and labor intensive, and often doesn’t occur until after the problem becomes evident to everyone downwind of those nasty little molecules.

Fortunately, there’s an easy, cost-effective, eco-friendly solution for any floor drain, whether you need to retrofit existing systems or install new construction. Featuring a state-of-the art one-way valve, this new drain will not only eliminate odors, but it will prevent liquid backflow and stop disease-carrying insects and bacteria in their tracks – all while reducing time, labor and water costs, and the need for hazardous chemicals.

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