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Spending the Day on St. Thomas

By a Verblio Writer

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St. Thomas holds about forty-eight percent of the entire Virgin Island population, so deciding what to do on a day trip can be overwhelming. If you want both culture and relaxation, here’s a suggestion on how to spend your day on St. Thomas.

Start your day in the Charlotte Amelie district, where you’ll find a lot of cultural and historical landmarks of the Virgin Islands.

Blackbeard’s Castle

Experience the power of this 1679 protective watch tower, either by taking a walking tour or checking it out on your own. Blackbeard’s Castle stands on the highest point of Government Hill, so you’ll also have a great view.

Fort Christian and the St. Thomas Museum

If you’re interested in visiting a second landmark, check out Fort Christian. Over the centuries, the fort has served as a town center, a government building, and even a jail. These days it’s home to the St. Thomas Museum, full of photography and art that represents the island.

St. Thomas Synagogue

This is the second oldest synagogue under the American Flag, and the oldest synagogue still in use. The menorah there, dating back to the 11th century, is even older than the synagogue itself. The most interesting aspect is the sand floor. The reasons behind the sand floor are unknown, though many believe the sand is there to represent the Israelite journey through the desert.

Now it’s time to head to Northside for some well earned relaxation.

Magens Bay and Magens Bay Arboretum

Now that you’ve had your culture and history fix, spend a few hours on the white sand beach of Magens Bay. There is also a beautiful, five-acre arboretum close by, and a train to take you there.

St. Thomas is rich with both cultural and leisurely activities. For more ideas on how to spend your day on any of the islands we visit, or to book a trip, please contact us.

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