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Blogging For A Travel-Related Industry: A Sample Post

The travel and tourism industry has gone through fascinating transformation over the past two decades. With the internet, customers no longer depend on travel agents, nor do they have to trust one person’s opinion on what to see. But people still want reliable information and advice. 

Blogging for travel and tourism related industries, from transportation to hospitality to tour companies, is an ideal way to give customers a taste of your country, city, or town.

Below is a 379-word sample post of the kind we can write for you at BlogMutt.

Five Bookstores to Visit While You’re in Boston 

Among other things, Boston is known for its quality bookstores. For book lovers fearing that tablets and online retailers are demolishing the indie bookstore industry, visit these stores to restore your faith.


(Photo credit: Flickr user Michelle W)

Harvard Bookstore 

Don’t even think about visiting Harvard without checking out the Harvard Bookstore, and make sure to stay for a reading or lecture from a famous author. They sell new, used and bargain books and even have a delivery service–a smart move in the age of Amazon. Hang out with the Harvard and Cambridge students who fill up the cozy aisles regularly.

New England Mobile Book Fair 

Despite its name, this book store is neither mobile nor a fair. Their slogan is “I came for one book,” but you will probably be leaving with at least two… if you practice extreme self-control. As the largest independent bookstore in New England (approximately the size of three football fields), their inventory is huge and you’ll want to give yourself enough time to browse.

Brookline Booksmith 

The ground floor is devoted to new books, and the basement is packed with used copies at great prices. Brookline has kept the same slogan since they opened in 1961: “Dedicated to the fine art of browsing.” The background jazz and wood floors will certainly make you want to stay a while. After you’ve browsed the books, check out their handcrafted jewelry and journals, or see what’s going on at the Brookline book club.

Trident Booksellers and Cafe

Go here first thing in the morning, so you can enjoy the cafe’s great breakfast before checking out the books. Their displays include lesser known books in addition to the classics and bestsellers, so it’s a good place to discover something new (or new age!).

Brattle Bookstore 

Founded in 1851, Brattle remains one of the largest used bookshops in New England and has a constantly changing stock. You will almost always stumble on to something new and exciting. Check out their rare book room to find special editions of your personal favorites.

These are just five on the many indie Bookstores in Boston. There’s a lot to see in this city, but make sure you save some time to explore the thriving bookstore culture.

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