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Aerial Imaging is the Next Big Advance in Farming

By a Verblio Writer

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Farming is hard work. This has been true since prehistoric man first broke ground and planted crops. Through the millennia, mankind has sought ways to make farming easier and more profitable. Important breakthroughs like crop rotation and fertilization allowed for bigger and more productive fields. But expansion brought its own challenges.

Farming isn’t like maintaining a garden, where you can monitor each plant individually and immediately respond to developing issues. The scale of today’s farms is vast and small problems can quickly become big problems if you aren’t aware of them. That can hurt your crops and your profit margin. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to see your whole operation at once, and anticipate problems before they happen? Well, there is. Aerial imaging can provide you with a complete view of your fields, from the air, every week.

Benefits you can expect from mapping your fields:

  • Areas mapped from the air are more productive. With crop mapping, you can easily pinpoint areas that require more attention and get better results from every acre.
  • Areas mapped from the air require fewer visits to maintain. Because you can see the conditions in large areas at a glance, you don’t need to spend time and money traveling to check on them in person.
  • Data from mapping allows you to work more efficiently, reducing water and energy usage — issues of huge concern right now, especially for those of you in California. Mapping allows you tailor usage to individual crop needs much more precisely.
  • Mapping gives you more control over contracted work. You can more easily track progress in the fields and make sure contractors are fulfilling their commitments.

Learn More About Aerial Imaging of Agriculture

This new technology is a valuable tool for today’s farmer. It allows farms to produce better quality, larger yields in a more cost-effective manner than has previously been possible. For more information on improving your farm’s operations, please contact us today.

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