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How To Ensure That You’re Prepared For Hurricane Season

By a Verblio Writer

(233 words)

  1. Make a list of supplies. Even if you stored up needed items last year, that doesn’t mean that you haven’t delved into them yourself at some point or that other members of your household might have done so. Better safe than sorry. Go check your supply bin and be sure that the essentials are still there, and in good supply: batteries, bottled water, canned goods, etc. Use whatever seems to be approaching an expiration date and make a note to replace it in the spring. If you’re unsure what should be on your list, check with the National Hurricane Center for more information.
  2. Review your disaster plan with your household. Go over your disaster plan to ensure that nothing has changed. Make changes as necessary, and be sure that everyone in your home is clear about what should happen, in the case of a disaster.
  3. Check with family, friends, and neighbors to be sure that they’re well informed regarding supplies and plans, as well. Although you would certainly help them in any way they needed in the event of a real emergency, it’s certainly better to give a reminder now than to bail them out later.

Storm seasons come and go, but thank goodness that no matter how busy the tropics might be during any given year, Florida has weathered every storm so far.

Be sure that you’re ready to weather them, too.

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