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The Trend Toward More Casual Weddings Is Making Men Rethink The Tux

By a Verblio Writer

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As weddings become increasingly more casual and laid-back, the traditional formal tuxedo has lost its footing as the go-to wedding look for stylish grooms. Instead, men are opting for stylish suits they will have the chance to wear again after the wedding, a choice that is both on-trend and downright practical.


Understanding Your Wedding Attire Options

Before you can make a thoughtful decision about what will be appropriate attire for your wedding, you first need to understand what your options are. You and your soon-to-be spouse will cherish these memories for the rest of your lives, so it’s important to make sure you look the part! However, you don’t want to be overdressed any more than you want to be underdressed. Let’s take a closer look at menswear for weddings.

The Tux (To Wear or Not to Wear)

This is the big debate. Will you be donning a three-piece tuxedo on your big day, or will you trade in this traditional stunner for something a little less showy? There is a time and a place for a tuxedo, and we’re here to help you decide if your wedding is that place.

When to wear a tuxedo

  • You’re having a formal cathedral ceremony
  • You’re having an evening wedding ceremony
  • Your ceremony spans from day to night but has a sophisticated air
  • You’re communicating “black tie” attire to your guests

Suit Yourself: Wear a Suit!

While a sleek tux is still probably your best bet if you’re opting for a formal, elaborate wedding, a suit can be an equally appropriate choice for many formal weddings. Additionally, a suit is more versatile, making it a fantastic option for smaller occasions.

When a suit is a better option

  • Destination wedding. A lightweight suit works best for a beach wedding, while a gray or brown suit fits the natural vibe of a mountaintop wedding.
  • A morning or afternoon wedding. Daytime weddings are growing in popularity, and a tux will most likely feel out of place at your brunch reception. Suits are preferred here as they are a more casual option.
  • A backyard wedding. Backyard weddings, often with less traditional receptions featuring food trucks, barbecue, or lawn games and canapés, are meant to be charming but comfortable. A tux will seem too fussy in this setting, but a suit is just right. Feel free to ditch the jacket if you want. It won’t look out of place here.
  • A romantic elopement. More and more couples are choosing to skip the trouble (and expense!) of a traditional wedding in favor of elopement. A tailored suit will help your elopement feel as remarkable as a more formal ceremony and look great in the photos you send to friends and family back home.
  • A civil ceremony. Getting married at the courthouse doesn’t have to be drab, and a suit is the right attire to feel dressed up during your civil ceremony. Suits also provide you ample options in color, fit, and style so you can customize your look to your liking and still have a personalized ceremony without the to-do of a traditional wedding.

The Final Verdict? Focus On Fit & Style

Unlike the tux rentals of yore that often left grooms in attire that didn’t quite fit or suit their overall look, the wedding suit trend means a focus on individual fit and style. You will want to allow plenty of time to have your suit professionally tailored, ensuring that perfect custom fit that will make you look like you’re on the cover of GQ.

The modern suit tends to be worn with a slimmer fit and comes in such a wide range of shades and fabric. You may even feel more overwhelmed by options than your bride! If you hope to wear the suit often after your wedding, a neutral like gray, tan, or navy is a great bet.

Some adventurous grooms are choosing bold color and even patterns in their suiting, whether it’s olive green, checked tweed, or even an eye-catching burgundy. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Pinterest to get inspired. Just remember to keep your lovely bride in the loop, since she most likely wants your wedding suit to complement her concept of the overall color scheme and look of the wedding.

The shift away from tuxes toward suits for grooms is more practical and economical. However, you can still be quite stylish. If you’d like a consultation to help you find the perfect suit (or tux!) in our boutique, schedule some time with us today.


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