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How Software as a Service Can Help Your Business Grow

By a Verblio Writer

(445 words)

If a business needs a resource about a particular SaaS topic they need to seek advice from someone who works in that industry, not just from any blog they find. Taking the time to answer basic questions and explain general concepts is the best way to generate leads and attract new customers.

This sample blog post highlights some of the benefits of SaaS for businesses, including lower software costs, ease of use and integration, and painless upgrades. Many more businesses would get involved if they knew exactly how much better their lives could be.

Understanding the Basics of SaaS

Probably the best way to understand software as a service or SaaS is to think of it as renting a particular piece of software. Instead of paying $300-$400 for Microsoft Word, you simply pay $5-$10 per month to use it and keep it up to date. There is no software to install and maintain on your personal computer, you simply access it on the provider’s server. All you need is an internet connect to have access to the software and any subsequent upgrades.

SaaS Offers Lower Initial Costs

Since SaaS applications are subscription-based, there are no licensing fees. This can be very important for small businesses. Many small businesses need but do not use a particular piece of software simply because the cost of licensing is so high. SaaS is advantageous because it provides easy access to expensive software that might be otherwise unobtainable. It also eliminates the financial risk of a large software investment.

SaaS Eliminates Maintenance and Upgrade Costs

Since the software is hosted on the provider’s server, you will not be responsible for maintaining it or having to install complicated upgrades. SaaS vendors manage the upgrade process. The fee for software access includes support and backup and it will always be up to date and working smoothly. You will always be using the latest version of the software provided by the vendor.

SaaS Reduces the Worry of Scalability

When you purchase licensed software, you must accurately forecast the number of employees who will need access. Your SaaS platform will be fully scalable and eliminates this problem. With SaaS you may have 5 employees one month and 10 the next. The resources are there for you to decide how many users you need each month and you are good to go.

SaaS can help your business save money, time and human resources. Another great thing about SaaS solutions is that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection. This makes life much easier for those who work from home and for those who work across multiple platforms.

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