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Veterinarians – Key Points to Consider Before You Buy Pet Health Insurance

By a Verblio Writer

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Is Health Insurance “Going To The Dogs?” You Bet It Is!

Pet health insurance is a wise investment for some, but there are some key points you should take into consideration before you buy.

Many pet owners don’t think about health insurance for their dogs until those owners are standing at the specialist’s office with a huge estimate in front of them. And sadly, too many dogs are euthanized because their owners are unable to pay for the expensive medical care. Even if the owners wanted to pay for the care, and tried to obtain pet insurance after the fact, they would be unable to get the insurance at that point.

If you are thinking of investing in pet health insurance, here are some points to take into consideration.

  • Health insurance will give you financial peace of mind. You will know that you can afford to give your pet the best care that he needs, both in terms of routine care, and especially in emergency situations.
  • The cost of veterinary medicine is rising. More veterinarians are becoming specialized, which adds to their costs. Also, testing is becoming more like human medicine. There is so much that can be done today with pets that was simply not able to be done years ago.
  • Some pet health insurance will cover routine care, such as annual examinations, vaccines, and heartworm prevention. Other pet insurances will only help in an emergency situations. However, if you do not get health insurance when your dog is young, it will likely not help you out much when you really need it later on.
  • Most health insurance for dogs require you to pay the veterinary bill up front. After you pay the bill, the insurance company will reimburse you at a later date. Some insurance companies pay a certain percentage of the bill, while others have set fees that they pay per visit or illness. It is very important that you tell the veterinarian that you have insurance. The insurance company may require detailed notes before paying your claim.

The bottom line is that health insurance is generally a good bet. You want to know that you are able to afford the care that your dog deserves. Choose the plan carefully: you need to know exactly what the insurance pays when the time comes, and exactly how they pay. You should also be sure that you get insurance when your dog is young, so that your pet is fully covered.

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