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Cleaning Industry — The Definitive Guide to Hiring a Cleaning Company

By a Verblio Writer

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You no doubt understand why it makes sense to hire a cleaning service. Research shows that the average person dedicates nearly six hours of their time each week cleaning their home. You have the disposable income and you recognize the convenience and importance of having a clean home while saving the time it takes to do it yourself. But while a service can take care of all your cleaning needs for you, you still need to take the first step in identifying the right one for you and your home. 

First, it helps to identify what options you have. The first choice you’ll need to make is whether to work with an individual cleaning professional or through a cleaning service company. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each approach. 

The pros and cons of hiring a cleaning company

Partnering with a cleaning company typically means booking through a service, having the service connect you with a cleaning person, then having the cleaning person fulfill the appointment. Any payment or follow-up activity is handled through that company’s support systems.


  • You can generally pay using whatever method you like, including credit or debit card payments. 
  • There’s much more flexibility in scheduling and availability, as you have access to multiple workers as opposed to just a single person. 
  • Customer support can assist you if there are any issues related to job performance or payment issues. 
  • With a company, you can clarify your specific needs when you book to cut down on any explanation needed in person or later in the process. 


  • You may not experience the personal connection you do working with one individual person, particularly if you have different cleaners each visit. Though this isn’t always the case — with some companies you can request the same cleaner if you’re happy with their work.  

The pros and cons of hiring an individual cleaner

Booking an individual cleaning expert is usually done directly. Payment is often restricted to whatever the individual can accept. All coordination is done directly with the individual as opposed to an intermediary like with a company. 


  • You can establish a personal, one-on-one relationship with the person you have cleaning your home. 


  • Scheduling becomes more of a challenge. You’re at the mercy of the individual cleaning person’s availability. There isn’t as much flexibility. 
  • If something is amiss or the cleaning person makes a mistake, there’s no established infrastructure to help you resolve it. It’s all dependent on that one-on-one relationship you have with the person.  
  • Payment options are sometimes limited. 
  • If you need to follow up afterward, you have to wait for the cleaning person to be available to speak with someone about it. 

It’s fairly apparent that opting to use a cleaning service leaves you with more flexibility and greater advantages than working through an individual. But not all cleaning companies are created equal, and you’ll need to ask a few questions as you research the best one for you. 

Important considerations when working with professional cleaners

Your home is your sanctuary, so you’ll want to be well-informed about the cleaning process. As you begin to narrow down your search, there are a few remaining questions you’ll find prudent to explore. These are particularly important to communicate with potential providers early on because the answers may differ greatly.

Are they transparent? 

Who owns the company? What are their pricing plans? What’s their process for hiring, training, and performing background checks on their cleaning crew? What’s the booking process like? Is it easy or complicated? Do they have an online booking option? 

Additionally, you should ask what type of payment they accept. Do they have an online presence, and are there reviews available so you can determine how effective the company is? 

Answers to questions such as these should all be readily apparent on the company’s website. If not, they should be made available over a phone call. The less information you’re easily able to gather about a company, the less reputable they may be.

Is there a way to continually improve?

A cleaning company should have a process in place that promotes continual improvement. This means they should actively request your feedback following your appointment to see how they did. If they made a mistake or failed to follow a specific instruction, they should want to know about that. 

Every company makes mistakes from time to time. But not every company learns from them. Make sure your cleaning company has a process in place meant to encourage constructive criticism.  

You should have the option to connect with your cleaner, add additional tasks if necessary, and provide feedback to help them do their job better. 

Who is actually going to clean your home? 

A cleaning company is sending a person you don’t know into your home. That’s why you want to partner with a company that tells you exactly who’s going to be cleaning your house or apartment. You should have access to at least a first name and a picture of the person so you’re able to identify them before letting them enter. You also want to know what the person’s history is. Are they capable? Is it the same person every time, or are there multiple cleaners? Do the people they send to you have any prior reviews on the company’s website? 

What happens if something goes wrong? 

If your cleaning person makes an error, the company should be able to fix it for you in short order. That means having a customer service support process in place whether that’s online or over the phone. 

A cleaning company should offer you the ability to easily contact its support services. They should also respond quickly and thoroughly, addressing any lingering issues as quickly as possible. 

You should also try to understand your company’s damage and loss policies in case anything is broken or mishandled during their appointment. Find out if the company is properly insured for any losses that may arise. 

Are you ready for a clean home?

Opting for a cleaning service company over an individual provider enables you to have more flexibility and recourse in the event of an error. You should be discerning when choosing which company to book with, however. Get a feel for how that company works and what options they provide you with. Ask yourself the following questions before booking with a cleaning company: 

  • Are they transparent? 
  • Is there a way to continually improve?
  • Who is actually going to clean your house?  
  • What happens if something goes wrong?

By doing your due diligence before you book, you’re more likely to identify a provider you can stick with over the long term.  

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