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Don’t Ride Your Bike In The Pool (Maybe), And Other Advice From A Small Business Blogging Service

By a Verblio Writer

(288 words)

There is a law in Baldwin Park, California, that states, “Nobody is allowed to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool”.

Sure, most people wouldn’t think of riding a bicycle in a swimming pool, even if it weren’t prohibited. After all, if they need exercise, they’d probably be better off cycling down the street.

But what you might not have thought about is all the exercise you can get in a swimming pool — with or without a bike. Water-focused exercise is particularly enjoyable because it’s a low impact, yet strenuous aerobic workout.

For instance, Fitness Magazine lays out a vigorous workout plan that burns calories faster than exercises that take place outside of water. The fitness experts say that even simply treading water zaps away 11 calories a minute, which is the same as a 6-mile-per-hour run. While treading water and burning calories, you can bask in the cool water of what might otherwise be a sweltering summer day — not exactly the most inviting climate for exercise. Similarly, LifeScript provides exercises that can help tone muscles, as well as help individuals heal faster from joint injuries, infections, and surgeries.

If a typical workout routine doesn’t sound appealing, gather family and friends and organize a lively game of water volleyball. Even a game of keep-away with a small ball will burn calories in one. The exercise gurus are right when they say that working out in water doesn’t feel like work at all. It feels more like fun!

If you don’t have a pool, we can help you create that perfect place where you can exercise and not feel like you’re exercising. Contact us this winter, and let’s talk about how to create the summertime of your dreams.

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