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The Latest & Greatest Kitchen Gadgets

By a Verblio Writer

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If you are like us, you probably go crazy over the latest kitchen gadget. This year’s irresistible gadget list included the air fryer, meat shredding claws, spiralizers, and rapid egg cookers, to name just a few. We thought you might like a short preview of the hottest kitchen gadgets scheduled for release in 2019.

Looking for a way to handle the “hurried breakfast syndrome” you experience during the week? The Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker might be worth considering. The compact appliance sits on your counter and makes either one or two sandwiches at a time. Using precooked meat, you can come up with a delicious, warm breakfast in minutes. This terrific little helper comes with a timer, easy cleanup, and the ability to warm sandwiches made of English muffins, cheese, eggs, vegetables, and anything else you like on your first meal in the morning.

Instant Pots will still be around in the coming year, and we think the newest edition will blow you away. This six-quart cooker can pressure cook, slow cook, prepare rice, sautė, steam, and warm. You read that correctly, this iteration of the Instant Pot can even act as a warmer. It is also 70 percent faster than former generations of the product.

Yes, these kinds of scissors have been around awhile, but we think this model has some extra features that will make it difficult not to add to your kitchen tools. We’re talking about herb scissors. The Chefast Company has introduced a nifty set that includes the multipurpose cutting shears with five stainless steel blades, two jute pouches for storing your cut herbs, a 30-day refund agreement, a lifetime replacement warranty, and a safety cover that includes a cleaning comb. For those of us who have herb gardens, it sometimes takes less time to use dried herbs than the gorgeous basil, rosemary, and oregano growing in our backyard. Once you get your hands on a quality pair of herb-cutting scissors like these, using fresh-from-the-garden plants will become second-nature. By the way, the scissors make an outstanding gift for friends.

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