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Entrepreneurship – How To Gain Confidence & Conquer Self-Doubt

By a Verblio Writer

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“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t—you’re right.” -Henry Ford

People who are confident exude an amazing belief in their ability to positively influence others, showcase their skills, and tackle problems. It’s knowing what you’re good at, the value you provide, and acting in a way that conveys that to others. On the other hand, people who exhibit self-doubt often second-guess their abilities and are unwilling to take risks.

You see, self-doubt hinders you from achieving all that you’re totally capable of doing. It destroys dreams, holds you back from seizing opportunities, and makes getting started or finishing things harder than they really are. Doubt is the #1 obstacle to living your dreams.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, gaining confidence is crucial for the success of your business. Your team members will see you as the leader. Be one that they’ll follow by stepping outside of your comfort zone today and building your confidence to become the person you were designed to be.

The good news is, you can conquer self-doubt despite past mistakes, and no matter where you are as a growing entrepreneur. Whether you’re ready to take that next step into full entrepreneurship, desiring to positively impact people, or ready to increase your income, here are four strong ways to gain confidence and defeat self-doubt.


1. Feed your mind with empowering literature.

Leaders are readers. Reading has an amazing effect on your personal and business growth, allowing you to glean valuable principles from experts. Consequently, you’ll sharpen and elevate your skills by implementing what you learn. Engaging in empowering literature is a sure way to help you overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and build your confidence.

Therefore, commit to reading 1-3 books a month in the areas of personal development, your skillsets, leadership, and communication.

Here are a few good books to start:

  • The Success Principles™ by Jack Canfield
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • As a Man Thinketh by James Allen
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

2. Hone your skills.

This is a must. Those who focus on mastering and honing their skill sets are incredibly confident in their capabilities. Successful people never believe that “they’ve arrived” but are always looking for new and creative ways to fulfill their work and be the best in their industry.

Getting consistently better in your profession and personal development best positions you for upward movement in the business world, improved relationships, increased income, and an overall better quality of life. The rewards abound for people who invest in their skills and ongoing education.

Attend conferences to learn directly from the experts. Subscribe to your favorite thought-leader podcasts and email list. Take advantage of free webinar opportunities hosted by influencers in your niche to stay abreast of the most current strategies. Lastly, consider hiring a coach that can push and elevate you to greater heights that you never thought possible.

3. Set your environment up for success.

Creating an environment for success plays a huge role in gaining confidence and conquering self-doubt. John Maxwell calls it a “growth environment” where you intentionally surround yourself by positive energy (people or your physical setting) that inspires and energizes you in your desired direction.

Ultimately, you have control over your environment. You decide who to spend the most time with that’s either encouraging you to greater heights or bringing you down with negative words. You determine the auditory content that fills your atmosphere…whether it’s gossip or empowering speeches. Finally, you get to choose what you see on a daily basis through television or the motivating quotes and images you hang on the wall.

So, you must be purposeful in setting your environment up for success. Surround yourself with forward-looking people. Create an atmosphere where you can focus and not be distracted by clutter. Continue to challenge yourself so you don’t remain stagnant.

4. Maintain a healthy body.

Did you know 66% of successful people exercise every day (source: Business Insider)? The benefits of exercising like increasing attentiveness, reducing stress, lessening illnesses, and helping you look better are directly tied to boosting productivity. It also enhances mental stamina which fosters new ideas and creativity. These are all key ingredients to improving workflows and achieving your goals in entrepreneurship.

Exercising also builds confidence. When you look and feel good, it shows in your posture. Although we don’t gain our confidence from others, as people begin to compliment the results from your healthy lifestyle, you’ll be more driven and eager to stay the course.

This also applies to eating healthily. What you put in your body is what you bring out. If you constantly fuel it with junk food, sugary beverages and snacks, you’ll suffer in a lack of energy and growing waistline. It’s crucial to give your body the proper nutrition so it functions at its best…so you can be at your best!


The benefit of confidence is that it shows up in every area of your life. Gaining confidence improves your relationships, work ethic, bank account, and the contributions you make in your community. You’ve suffered in self-doubt for too long. Implement these steps today to start growing your confidence and position yourself as a strong leader everyone wants to follow.

The world awaits you!

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