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Examples of Blogmutt Posts

meta, a picture of taking a picture

Today we launch a new feature here on the Blogmutt blog: posts about Blogmutt, by Blogmutt writers. (That makes this post a bit… meta… writing about Blogmutt writers writing about writing on Blogmutt… Apologies.)

Just by way of background, I’m a writer. I wrote for newspapers for years. I’ve had a blog since way back. I thought that writing for the Blogmutt blog would be no problem. In general, it’s not, but some weeks it’s really a pinch for me to come up with a post.

So my cofounder, Wade, suggested that we start eating our own dog food, so to speak, and sign Blogmutt as a Blogmutt customer. Pride kept me from doing that for a while, but then I realized that we really do need the help because I really am too busy with the business.

Also, this gives some of our writers a chance to write and have their name on the post, if they want it. That’s something they typically don’t get with the posts they write for Blogmutt customers. Some writers want the credit, some just like writing for Blogmutt the way they do for the others with no byline at all.

So that’s the backstory. I’ll put those posts up on the blog in the usual way, and you can click the “Blogmutt example posts” link over to the right to see all of them.

Thanks for checking them, and thanks for reading about Blogmutt. As of this writing we are still in closed beta, but we are taking new customers in every week so if you are interested in having a team of great writers go to work on your business blog, be sure to sign up on our home page.

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