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Home Services – Renters, Consider Hiring Professionals For Your Next Move

By a Verblio Writer

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The National Multifamily Housing Council states that approximately 35% of people in the United States rent their homes. While renting doesn’t come with all the overhead costs associated with ownership, it does carry its own unique set of rules. Unlike homeowners, those who rent usually have stringent requirements they must meet in order to get their security deposits returned.

When preparing for a move, renters usually find themselves needing to give their home a thorough deep cleaning in addition to packing all of their items. According to USA Today, “for every 100 extremely low-income American households, there are 29 affordable and available places to live.”

Even if an individual doesn’t fall into the low-income category, most folks find it beneficial to use their security deposit funds on fees associated with their new home. However, without leaving your home in better condition than it was given to you it is unlikely that you will be granted access to those funds. This is especially true if you have pets. Also, a single, small pet can increase a person’s security deposit by a few hundred dollars. Without a fair amount of scrutiny and elbow grease, it may be difficult to meet the requirements set forth by your landlord to get your full deposit returned.


Cleaning carpets, spending additional funds on packing supplies, and looking for someone reliable that can help you load and unload all those boxes can be overwhelming. It would be convenient if there were a fairy godmother that would help you with these responsibilities. While fairy godmothers may be in short supply, there are companies out there that can help you pack, move, and clean your home.

If moving has overloaded your to do list, then contact us today for a comprehensive service listing. Fully insured and equipped with an A+ rating given to us by the Better Business Bureau, we’ll be glad to assist you in transitioning to your new home. We promote a customer service-oriented atmosphere, and work hard to provide you with as hassle-free a moving experience as possible.

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