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4 Reasons You Should Consider Building a Custom Home

By a Verblio Writer

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Congratulations on looking for a new, or maybe your first, home. Buying a home is exciting. It’s part of inching toward the American dream. However, it can also be unsettling. In fact, one survey found buying a new home to be more stressful than bankruptcy, divorce or even the death of a loved one. Will you be able to afford it? Will you be happy once you move in? Are there any underlying issues with the home? Will you have good neighbors? The lists of doubts can seem endless. The majority of these issues, though, can be resolved by building your own custom home.

Custom homebuilding is the sure way to get exactly what your family needs. No modifications. No compromises. No settling for something less. Consider four reasons to build custom.

The beginning of a homebuilding project

Benefits to Custom Homebuilding

1. Create less stress.

The Seattle Times includes “less stress, more family time” on its list of 5 Advantages to Buying New and Custom-Built Homes. The real estate market has bounced back, and it’s competitive. Combing real estate listings, visiting homes and making offers takes time. It’s especially frustrating when you find something you like only to find out another buyer already submitted an offer or outbid you. Homebuyers waste months reliving this scenario over and over. It often creates an environment where you feel pressured to make a decision prematurely in order to avoid losing another opportunity.

Working with a custom-builder relieves the stress of house-hunting. No competing with other buyers. No rash decisions. You can take your time and focus on making every detail perfect.

2. Get greater energy efficiency.

Custom-built homes allow you to include energy-efficient features that are not available on existing homes or even newly built spec homes. Energy efficient windows and appliances, upgraded insulation, active solar systems, even landscaping and home placement techniques all add to overall efficiency and long-lasting savings. For example, passive solar gain refers to simple directional placement. Thoughtful design and placement can leverage the winter sun while preventing overheating the home in the summer. Custom homebuilding allows you to perfectly place deciduous trees to create shelter from the summer sun. When fall comes, the leaves fall and sun streams through the home, creating a natural heat source.

Selecting your ideal energy efficient appliances will also save money. It’s true that you could upgrade appliances in an existing home. In addition to the added expense, however, older homes often require electrical or plumbing upgrades to accommodate the new appliances. Creating your own custom home allows you to set yourself up for minimal maintenance and savings for years to come.

3. Meet your exact needs.

There’s always a compromise when buying an existing home. You love the home, but wish it had a bigger lot. You love the living space, but wish the kitchen were bigger. Homebuyers are always tasked with selecting the lesser of two evils.

Conversely, designing your own custom home allows you to design a unique living space that will fit your family’s needs for years. With custom homebuilding, you are in the driver’s seat. You control everything from appliances to door knobs, from flooring to light fixtures and molding. Add bigger closets. Expand your outdoor living space. Include a home gym, sauna, or game room. Create space for grandparents or older children. Accommodate any members of the family with special needs. Include custom wiring for the newest technology. The options are endless.

In addition, you get to pick the perfect location. You’re not limited by home inventory in a certain zip code. Find a property that’s the ideal commute time, close to family and the best schools, and with the level of privacy you want. Don’t limit yourself to only vacant lots. Search for a property with condemned or foreclosed homes. You might be surprised to find out demolition costs are less than preparing new land for building.

Get the perfect combination of land and home. Don’t settle for one or the other.

4. Get better quality.

Custom built homes offer superior quality. There is minimal chance you’ll encounter poor quality construction. Existing homes leave room for numerous underlying issues that are often missed by inspectors. Investopedia lists five areas most commonly missed in home inspections: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning; roof leaks; faulty appliances; damaged siding and windows; and under the carpet. Many home owners are shocked to have such big ticket repairs shortly after the expense of buying the home. Similarly, it’s not unusual for home buyers to experience poor quality construction with new spec homes. Custom builders use the most trusted tradesmen in their area, and work with the most experienced architects to make sure every detail is covered. Most of all, custom builders have a reputation to uphold and will go out of their way to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Can I really afford to custom build?

Custom homebuilding sounds ideal, but many buyers fear they can’t afford it. However, working with an established and reputable design and build team can actually save money. An experienced builder likely has long-term relationships with suppliers and laborers, bringing down costs for you. A builder that’s been in the industry for years knows how to manage costs, and minimize waste and overhead. A trusted builder likely has multiple projects going on too, allowing them to order materials in bulk and invest in efficient strategies.

You may also realize cost savings from your energy efficient choices in your custom home. Federal tax credits for some green materials can allow you to deduct as much as 30 percent of the cost of those materials.

Lastly, custom building will get you more for your money. With custom homes, you pay for only the space you actually want. With existing or spec homes, you often pay for rooms you may not need, extra space for which you’ll pay for decades. Get what you pay for, and only what you want.

Is homebuilding custom for you? We encourage you to interview custom builders in your area. Let them show you the benefits of building a custom home. Include us on your list. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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