Hospitality Sample Post: Candy Station Alternatives for Your Sweet 16 Party

This 312-word sample post was written for the event or hospitality industry to market a given party venue to either the party-planner (teen) or the party coordinator (parents)—it’s a good way for a venue to express the different ways former clients have used the space, as well as a way to connect and inspire future clients’ events.

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Candy buffets can be a lot of fun at Sweet 16 ballroom parties, but maybe you’d like a supplement or a substitute for all that sugar and all those calories.

Here are 3 fun ideas for party stations for a teen party.

Arts & Crafts Station

There are plenty of crafts that will give you and your guests a chance to express your creativity without risking any paint stains on your party outfits. Build heart-shaped paper chains out of red or pink colored paper, create easy origami animals like fish and swans, or knot embroidery thread into simple friendship bracelets.

As a bonus, your guests will have one or more unique mementos that they can take home when the evening is over or they might want to make a gift for you to show their appreciation.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Caricature Station

If the only images you have of your friends were taken with a camera, it might be interesting to see how they look in pencil on paper. Hire a caricaturist to capture their personality.

The results will provide some funny social media posts and conversations.

“Minute To Win It” Stations

You may not want to take time out from talking and dancing to play a long game of anything, but there are plenty of 60-second challenges and contests to liven up your gathering. Stack unbreakable cups into a pyramid or move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. You can play as individuals or divide up into teams. Small prizes can add to the fun.

Whatever activity stations you have planned for your Sweet 16 party, you and your guests are guaranteed to have a wonderful time when you choose our space for your venue.

Contact us to see how we can help you make this milestone birthday the magical celebration you deserve.



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