Blogging Tip: Informational Blogs Increase Sales

When a business adds informational blogs to their website, sales will almost certainly increase. How do we know that? Consider the following statistics from Marketing Strategy:

  • Eighty-one percent of U.S. consumers trust advice and information from blogs
  • Sixty-one percent of U.S. consumers made a purchase based on a blog post.

When you think about it, consumers want to know that a business cares about their customers, and not just about the potential money a business could be making off those customers. Giving information and advice through blog posts — and not just selling a product or service — is one way a business can demonstrate caring.

So what does an informational blog post look like? We have an example below for you that gives advice for taking care of your violin if you live in a humid climate.

Taking Care Of Your Violin In Humid Climates
informational blogsYou can either take a short walk or listen to the weather reports for Nashville, Atlanta, and Charleston, and you will know if the humidity is over 48 percent. You can tell just by how hot you feel and how uncomfortable you feel.

Why does that matter? Most people think that 48 percent humidity is comfortable, and as that percentage gets higher, we tend to become less comfortable outdoors. We say it feels sticky because there is more moisture in the air.

The weather affects your violin in the same way. Here are some violin care tips to keep your instrument in the best shape possible in humid climates:

1. Just as you wouldn’t leave a child or pet in the car during hot humid days, don’t leave your violin in the car. Your violin needs that comfortable level of humidity, around 50 percent. If you leave your instrument in the hot car, the wood can be damaged, which will affect the sound and value of your violin.

2. You know that sticky feeling of summer? Your violin feels some of that, too. That is why sometimes, during the summer, or in humid climates, the pegs will stick. Don’t worry, though, it’s easy to fix, Do not try to force the pegs. Simply lubricate them, and they’ll turn more easily.

3. There is something about the heat that causes the darker rosin to become very sticky. So, just as you switch to lighter clothes in the summer, switch to a lighter rosin. That will help your bow be at it’s best in the humid months.

If you use these three summer violin care tips, you will make sure that your violin is in the best shape possible.

If you are wondering when you will get time to research and write these types of posts, we have a great answer for you. Just contact us and let’s talk about creating informational blogs for your business.



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