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Making Time for Long-form Blog Posts

By a Verblio Writer

(228 words)

Although most experts seem fairly certain that the modern internet reader can only handle five hundred words at a time (or fewer, depending on who you read), a definite case can be made for developing more long-form blog posts. Though more of a time commitment for the writer, such posts can bolster a company’s image by proving not only that they’re capable of serious research, but also that they care enough about the field in which they work to make a significant contribution to its growth.

According to Michael Brito at Copyblogger, contributing long-form content not only demonstrates your expertise but also ensures that your site is more likely to show up in a search engine.

Creating long form content can be a pressure cooker for you. We can help relieve some of that pressure.

With such benefits in the offing, most business owners who operate their own blogs would be hard pressed not to consider providing long-form content. But with the pressure of conceptualizing, researching, writing, and polishing a long piece, how are they to handle keeping up with regular weekly content (as well as that little responsibility of keeping their actual business afloat)?

In a writing service, you will find an elegant solution. Allowing content writers to handle your immediate, short-form needs, you and your team can now devote your concerted efforts to developing long-form posts.

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