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Picking the Right Post Length for Your Law Firm

By a Verblio Writer

(408 words)

300+ words:

I have found that posts of this level are great for simple safety tips, which make them great for personal injury lawyers. For my sample post, I found a recent bicycle accident in Salt Lake City and offered bike safety tips.

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600+ words:

For a post of this length, I can go into a little more detail. I will generally try to include more links to laws or other authoritative sources. For example, in the post about child custody in Massachusetts, I provided links to the Massachusetts legislature, allowing readers to see the exact wording of the laws.

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1,000+ words:

I think this is the perfect level for deeper topics, particularly those that may be not well understood by the average client. I chose to focus on brain injuries because I felt these are injuries those seeking the services of a personal injury attorney may have experienced.

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1,500+ words:

These longest posts go into greater depth on a topic than the other posts. For my post, I looked at some misconceptions about domestic violence and offered some basic advice for those trying to get away from an abusive relationship. Because many potential law firm clients come to the site looking for quick information, these posts might not be something a law firm would use every week. They may want to buy shorter posts on a weekly basis and one 1,500+ word or 2,000+ word post each month. I think they would work well for a firm that has lawyers that focus on different types of law. One month could be a personal injury post, the next month might be divorce advice, and a third month might focus on DUI advice. After several months, they would have in-depth posts on several areas of focus.

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In my experience, the two shorter length posts work well for small law firms that want to appear approachable and friendly. Customers can scan the posts quickly and see that this is someone who’s knowledgeable they would trust to handle their case. The two longer post lengths are great for law firms that want to demonstrate their thought leadership and expertise.

While neither approach is wrong, determining the tone of your blog can help you determine which length is best for you.

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