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Upcoming Events Near Southtown Flats

By a Verblio Writer

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Jazzday Tuesday Events Near Southtown Flats: A New Year’s Resolution You’ll Love To Keep

Southtown Flats residents are jazzed about the one New Year’s resolution they’re sure to keep. Why? Because it’s fun!

Their resolution: incorporate more arts and culture into their evening entertainment repertoire. How do they do it? They’re making Tuesdays “jazzdays,” and they’re loving every minute of it.

Just minutes from San Antonio’s thriving music scene, our residents enjoy easy access to the best jazz the Lone Star State has to offer. And the icing on the cake? Holiday visitors will love it, too. Every Tuesday, the Blue Star Brewery serves up tasty licks from San Antonio’s best jazz groups.

Are your loved ones in town to celebrate the winter holidays? Introduce them to your Jazzday Tuesdays resolution. Treat them to a classy, affordable evening out—perhaps one punctuated by an adult beverage. Sound good? For Southtown Flats residents, a complete menu of tasty jazz is just a stone’s throw away.

This December’s live, oh-so-local holiday jazz offerings include the stylings of the Crimson Jazz Orchestra, the San Antonio Jazz Orchestra, River City Big Band, and the Primetime Jazz Orchestra. Imagine all of the city’s best music, right in your own backyard.

Keep on top of that resolution by setting your calendar to cue up George Briscoe’s Crimson Jazz Orchestra on first Tuesdays of every month. What a great launch for 2017! Their next performance will be Tuesday, January 3rd. You’ll find George and the band at Blue Star Brewing Company in the Blue Star Complex. And do yourself a favor, try their Flying Pig Extra Pale Ale. Don’t let the name throw you off—we highly recommend it!

And, since you’ve got that calendar open, why not add in a recurring event for the second Tuesday of the month, as well. On second Tuesdays, also at Blue Star, treat yourself to a taste of big band jazz served up by River City Big Band. But consider yourself warned: you’re going to fall in love with Murph Davis on baritone sax. We think River City also pairs nicely with Flying Pig Extra Pale Ale, but you may be a more adventurous lager-head. For you adventurous sorts, may we suggest the Apache Amber Lager?

You’re halfway through the month and still going strong on keeping that Jazzday Tuesday resolution. Guess what happens on the third Tuesday of the month at Blue Star? Are you sensing a pattern here (we love it, too!)? On third Tuesdays, the San Antonio Jazz Orchestra will caress your ears with everything from Count Basie to Duke Ellington to Glen Miller. Tempted yet? You will be when you discover that Blue Star’s Southtown Sour has just become your go-to aperitif.

Sticking to that resolution is a piece of cake. Round out your calendar of Jazzday Tuesdays by adding The Prime Time Jazz Orchestra to your fourth Tuesdays calendar slot. How does a Blue Star Raspberry Geyser sound to go along with that smooth jazz? Go on, you deserve it.

And just like that, you’ve got an entire month of keeping your New Year’s resolution. Couldn’t be better. Jazzday Tuesdays for Southtown Flats’ residents—the one New Year’s resolution you’re sure to keep.

Want to join us and live near the action? The music scene is just one activity our residents love. Southtown Flats is just minutes from great shopping, all the best parks, unparalleled nightlife, and the famous San Antonio River Walk. Shoot us an email, and we’ll show you how you can live right in the heart of it all.

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