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Real Estate (Commercial)

Why Downtown Arvada Is A Good Pick For Retail Space In Colorado

By a Verblio Writer

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Arvada is Colorado’s eighth largest city and is located just 20 miles from Denver, the state’s capital. This town of over 100,000 people retains its small-town charm, while holding its own in the areas of business and commerce.

It’s a growing, vibrant community where quality of life and business success go hand in hand.  With several venues that bring in thousands of visitors every year and retail space that is still reasonably priced, Arvada may very well be one of the best Denver suburbs in which to consider doing business.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

Arvada Center

Arvada Center is one of the largest multidisciplinary arts venues in the country, where over 350,000 visitors are entertained every year. It consists of an outdoor amphitheater, the Main Stage Theater, and the Black Box Theater, as well as art galleries and museums.

Apex Center

This is the play center of Arvada and consists of the premier indoor water park in the Denver metro area. In addition, the center has two NHL ice rinks, three full-sized gymnasiums, exercise studios, and a café.

Olde Town

Charlie Berger and Patrick Crawford, co-founders of the Denver Beer Co., went to Arvada to purchase some used restaurant equipment and ended up finding the perfect town for their next business venture. Denver Beer’s Arvada Taproom opens this year.

Historic Olde Town is home to more than 100 unique restaurants and boutiques. Their signature events bring in visitors from surrounding communities and include a Sunday farmer’s market, a “Ladies Only Sample Tour,” and outdoor movie nights. If considering a business venture in Arvada, this is the area to explore.

The Details

According to Sperling’s BestPlaces, future job growth in Arvada is expected to be 40 percent over the next ten years. The median family income is $83,150. Arvada’s workforce is highly educated with the largest percentage of the population in management, business, finance, sales and administrative support.

Fellow Businesses

Arvada offers a wealth of businesses that promote other businesses and an active chamber of commerce. In October of 2016, the Arvada Economic Development Association presented several of the 200 businesses in attendance with awards. This included the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award which went to the Applewood Seed Company, which has been in business for over 50 years. The mission of this association is to “provide business and commercial development services to new and existing businesses, so the businesses can grow and expand to create jobs, increase revenues and make capital investments. “

Arvada is known for its business retention program, which has won both state and national awards. For those looking to start a new business or relocate an existing one, the Olde Town area of Arvada is a prime location to consider.

Hot New Retail Space: History Is Hip In Arvada, CO

One of the newest hot spots for downtown retail space in Colorado is found in Arvada! This will come as a surprise because the most well-known downtown marketplace there is Olde Town Arvada.

Visitors can find fast food, fine dining, local events, entertainment, and shopping galore. Visitors arrive ready to spend the day and their money via the recently built RTD Light Rail Gold Line at the new Arvada Olde Town Hub.  Revitalization around this town’s main street, called Olde Wadsworth Boulevard, has created a happy hodgepodge of history and hip in one super-convenient place.

People looking for a hometown-like place has accelerated rapid growth in residential real estate around Arvada. So many people who live in Colorado are from other states, and they want to stay because business is booming here, but they tend to miss certain aspects of whereever they call home. People are seeking places near Denver where all the necessary city amenities exist and the commute is easy, but where they can also relax, hold a conversation, and stroll a main street corridor.

Commercial real estate opportunities are growing, too. Just one mile from Olde Town Arvada, redevelopment of Arvada Marketplace continues to take its new shape. Located at the juncture of busy Wadsworth Blvd. and major highways I-76 and I-70, this is the perfect place to stop and shop on the way up to the mountains, or on the way back to the city.

While most people drive to Arvada and can now take the light rail to avoid traffic, it is great place to walk. The innovative redeveloping of Arvada Marketplace and the restorative revitalizing of Olde Town Arvada have been carefully planned for those who like to get around on foot.

Arvada provides just the right feel for residents seeking a place like their hometowns only fifteen minutes away from Denver with easy access to the mountains. All the new infrastructure, residential building, and commercial development are creating a wonderful choice community. Get hip, visit an old town in Colorado, and find that a refreshed Arvada now provides the perfect place for those seeking great new retail spaces.

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