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Experience a Wellness Festival in 2020

By a Verblio Writer

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When it comes to the mind, body, and soul, having a healthy lifestyle is essential. With the new year just beginning, now is the perfect time to make sure daily routines and habits are on track and align with big picture beliefs and goals. It can often seem overwhelming to make any kind of decision that will bring on change — not to mention trying to stick with it!

However, there is a new trend making healthy-living even more accessible and, surprisingly, fun. Wellness festivals are popping up everywhere in 2020 and bringing amazing opportunities with them. Wellness festivals are a great tool for improving and reflecting while organically making lifelong memories. 


Wanderlust is well-known for promoting a sense of community and empowerment. Practice, magic, community, awareness, and good are the foundation of Wanderlust’s mission. For a decade now this unique festival has been giving living a healthy style a whole new definition and avenue. The thoughtful planning and setup of the festivals are designed to help participants find their “true north.” Sometimes making all the right choices simply isn’t enough, and the Wanderlust team understands that. That is why finding inspiration and staying inspired is the key element of these wonderful experiences.

Follow Wanderlust’s official Instagram account to get a better idea of what the festivals are all about. Sean Hoess, Wanderlust’s CEO, shared his vision and timeline for the festivals in the new year and new decade. The Wanderlust festivals are set to make their 2020 debut appearance beginning this July. It’s never too early to start planning!


SAMSARAFEST is described as an “Immersive Yoga, Music, & Healing Arts festival”. From nature-based experiences to the creation of a yoga village, every detail of SAMSARAFEST is thoughtfully planned and implemented. This festival is a great place to start if grief may be playing a role in your life and decisions. However, it is an overall great environment that cultivates and promotes positivity and healing from the inside out. Listen to the story of SAMSARAFEST and it will be evident how wonderful and life-changing the event is.

wellness yoga pose outside
Practicing yoga outside at sunset

The story behind how this festival began is one filled with heart, and the festival is a clear reflection of the love that is the driving force behind the vision and mission of this festival. This year SAMSARAFEST 2020 will be taking place from March 13th to March 22nd right outside of the Seattle area. Read over this information to learn more about the upcoming event.


Beloved is a four-day festival grounded in creating opportunities for a healthy culture that embraces diversity. The annual festival takes place on the Oregon Coast. One of the main objectives of the festival is to create a community that instills a strong sense of belonging. Music, dancing, meditation, and intricate art displays are just some of the many elements incorporated into this amazing experience. The official date of the Beloved festival has yet to be released, but there is no need to worry. Interested individuals can join this waitlist today and will be notified when tickets become available. In the meantime, watch this video to see the magic of the festival in action.

Wellness festivals are becoming increasingly more popular in today’s day and age. There is an astronomical amount of festivals and opportunities available to the public when it comes to living a healthy and happy life. Use this platform to explore all of the wellness festivals taking place in the upcoming year. Whether participants want to stay local or use this as an opportunity to travel to a new destination, there are plenty of options for everyone.

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