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What Does A Walkability Score Mean In San Antonio?

By a Verblio Writer

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A walkability or walk score measures how walkable a neighborhood is based on the location of stores, restaurants, schools, parks, public transportation, and other essential landmarks. There are now areas in San Antonio where it’s possible to enjoy lots of amenities and convenient destinations within walking distance.

This is particularly true of the trendy Southtown section of San Antonio, which actually consists of several overlapping neighborhoods that are surprisingly walkable (with a walkability score of 74!). Keep in mind that, while walkability scores were mainly created to cater to people without cars, they’re relevant to anyone.

Even if you do drive, it’s nice to leave your car at home whenever you want and walk to stores, nearby restaurants, movies, nightclubs, and other destinations. Walkability really means more freedom and less stress.

With this in mind, let’s find out: what does a walkability score mean in San Antonio?


A Vibrant Arts Scene 

If you’re a fan of the arts, Southtown has lots to offer. In just the last few years, the Southtown arts scene has really exploded with new art galleries, art walks, museums, and artist’s studios. The King William Cultural Arts District is the center of the action, but you’ll also find a lot to see in neighboring areas as well.

One of Southtown’s most innovative arts spaces is Blue Star Arts Complex, which features a variety of contemporary art galleries, studios, and shops. There’s also the “First Friday” art walks, when you’ll be able to see some of the latest showcases by local artists.

Dining & Nightlife

There are lots of exciting restaurants to explore in Southtown, both old and new. Explore your favorite culinary traditions, including Tex-Mex, Italian, Thai, sushi, and lots more. The area has also attracted quite a few fusion restaurants in recent years that blend various savory flavors in original ways. Some of the most popular Southtown eateries include Southtown Pizzeria, Bite, Feast, and La Tuna Grill. If you enjoy great street food, San Antonio even has Alamo Street Eat Bar, an entire collection of gourmet food trucks.

Walkability also means that you’re free to wander to your favorite bar or club on a Friday or Saturday night (or whenever there’s music, which is almost all the time in San Antonio!) and not have to worry about driving. Southtown has lots of friendly and diverse places to enjoy a glass of wine, locally crafted beer, or cocktail. Azuca, Rosario’s, La Tuna, and The Friendly Spot are just some of the more popular choices for nightlife.

Museums & Cultural Attractions 

A high walkability score means when you feel like taking an outing to a museum or cultural attraction, you simply step outside your door and walk there. San Antonio hosts plenty of choices.

  • Alamo Plaza Historic District: It’s easy to dismiss The Alamo as merely a tourist attraction, but it’s actually part of a diverse neighborhood with lots of places to walk, shop, and dine. The Rivercenter Mall, theater district, La Villita Historic Arts Village, and lots more are all nearby.
  • San Antonio Museum of Art: One of the most interesting and comprehensive art museums in the Southwest, SAMA has art collections in American, Asian, Latin American, European, and other types of art. The museum offers free admission at selected hours every week.
  • Majestic Theatre: San Antonio’s oldest theater is an ornate and historic place to see plays, concerts and other live performances. Some of the world’s leading bands and comics perform here.


One of the biggest advantages of living in a walkable San Antonio neighborhood such as Southtown are the many diverse and fashionable shopping areas within walking distance to downtown and in Southtown itself.

Historic Market Square, with over 100 stalls and shops, is a traditional Mexican market with food, crafts, clothing, jewelry and gifts of all kinds. Other shopping choices include Alamo Quarry Market and The Shops at La Cantera.

Natural Beauty in San Antonio

Simply walking in San Antonio gives you access to lots of natural beauty, in addition to cultural attractions. One of the most scenic features of the city is the San Antonio River. The River Walk is a large area of connected paths that let people enjoy serene walks along the river or access to many of the city’s most popular attractions. River Walk connects several beautiful Spanish missions, the San Antonio Museum of Art, Shops at Rivercenter and many other destinations.

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is another beautiful destination that’s ideal for a walking excursion. In addition to 33 acres of paths and gardens of all kinds, there’s the Lucile Halsell Conservatory, a futuristic glass tower that houses even more plants.

The Southtown area is full of charming local parks such as Milam Park, Roosevelt Park, Columbus Park, and others. There’s never a shortage of places to bring your kids, walk your dog, or enjoy a romantic stroll.

The Benefits of Walkability in San Antonio

There are several benefits to living in a walkable neighborhood. For one thing, walking is the form of transportation with the lowest environmental impact. The choice to walk rather than drive is appealing to anyone who strives to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Walking is also a healthy activity that keeps your body in motion. Many people find it more pleasant and relaxing to walk places rather than dealing with the hassles of driving and parking. If you ever need wheels, it’s easy to find a taxi or Uber/Lyft.

If the possibility of living in a part of San Antonio that’s eminently walkable sounds exciting to you, schedule a tour of Southtown Flats today and find out for yourself why so many people are moving here.

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