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Age with Grace: The Benefits of Living in an Active-Adult 55+ Community

By a Verblio Writer

(1500 words)

After retirement, or once you reach a certain age, what you want from life changes. It is vital to ensure that your place of residence can match these changing desires. Active-adult communities provide unique living environments for the modern day active senior.

Retired Couple Sitting On Bench With Hot Drink In Assisted Living Facility

The new 55+ active adult communities differ from those of the past and shouldn’t be confused with assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Here, adults aged 55 and over live and access different opportunities, both athletic and recreational, as well as a host of varying amenities. From the desirable locations to the available facilities, there are a lot of advantages of living in a luxury lifestyle active adult community. Wondering if an active adult community might be right for you? Here are a few reasons to consider this option:

Houses fit for seniors

Traditional houses might need several modifications as one gets older. Some of these modifications can be quite costly. In 55+ communities, all homes are built with the physical concerns commonly faced by seniors in mind, implementing designs that will ensure comfort throughout your stay.

On top of that, there is a variety of floor plans to choose from, with each dependent on your budget and preferred lifestyle. Some of the options include smaller homes ideal for single living, as well as one and two bedroom homes. Others may come with a garage, walk-in closets, and ample storage.

The various designs come with added benefits, including increased livable square footage, increased energy efficiency, reduced risk of falls, and easy evacuation routes in case of emergencies like fires. The designs also make them less expensive than multi-level homes.

A wide range of activities

At an active adult community, there is an emphasis on exercise and fitness. Many of them have fitness centers that come with instructors who help you focus on remaining healthy for as long as possible, as well as recreation rooms and calendars loaded with experiences centered around your fitness. 55+ communities organize regular activities such as bus and field trips, cooking classes, and shuffleboard, among others. In 55+ communities, staying active doesn’t have to involve strenuous physical activities. It also means staying social.

Such communities are aimed at keeping you active by providing you with a wide array of activities, some of which will be sure to capture your interest. Such activities include book clubs, writing classes, game clubs, movie nights, special interest programsthe list is nearly endless. If that’s not enticing enough, you still have the option of golf, with many 55+ communities including a golf range either on the property itself or in close proximity to the area.

Staying active both physically and mentally not only provides an opportunity to socialize with people who have similar interests as you, but also comes with a lot of health benefits. It lowers blood pressur and reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems, rheumatoid arthritis, some cancers, and osteoporosis. It also improves your immune system and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Staying active also lessens the possibility of mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Senior Woman Sitting In Chair And Laughing With Nurse In Retirement Home

In-house amenities

Luxury lifestyle active adult communities come with a variety of facilities aimed at catering to the residents’ needs. These amenities include on-site swimming pools, hot tubs, community gardens, game rooms, chef-prepared meals, and many more. Some provide special interest classes as well.

Though these amenities will be different for every 55+ community, you can expect every luxury lifestyle active adult community to have facilities meant to ensure that you can effortlessly keep yourself busy and entertained. Many of the amenities are also aimed at bringing people together; this further creates a sense of community and belonging amongst the residents.

Sense of community

As a senior, living alone could put you at risk. The difference between residing in a 55+ community and an ordinary residential area is the sense of community experienced among residents. This experience is one of the main benefits of living in a 55+ community because it can have a significant influence on an individual’s quality of life.

In an active adult community, you have a built-in network of peers. Residents are usually in the same place in life, sharing similar desires. It is therefore not difficult to find people you have something in common with. Often, residents even collaborate on particular causes. 55+ communities achieve this sense of community through initiatives such as arranging special activities and fostering interests in hobbies and games.

55+ communities make it easier for residents to connect to their environment by promoting a sense of engagement within the community. Activities are not only focused on fostering a connection within the residents but with the neighboring communities as well. They provide the opportunity for their residents to engage with surrounding communities through partnerships with schools, churches, or hospitals. This allows the residents to improve their sense of worth by showing them they still have plenty to contribute to society, often through tutoring or mentoring.

Safety and security

Most often, it is the lack of security and safety that propels families to take their aging loved ones to assisted living facilities. They feel that their loved ones are at risk of break-ins or accidents like bathroom falls.

With luxury lifestyle active adult communities, the safety and security of your loved ones are guaranteed. 55+ communities offer certain features that enhance the residents’ safety; some are gated communities, while others employ the use of guards. The secluded location also ensures that only residents and approved guests are admitted on to the premises. Other security features include well-lit common areas, working fire alarms, smoke detectors, lit parking lots, and walkways.

To further ensure the peace of mind of residents and their families, most 55+ communities are near hospitals. This makes it possible for residents to get timely and effective medical assistance in case of medical emergencies. When it comes to injuries and illnesses, how quickly the individual receives medical attention makes a world of difference; close proximity to hospitals and having adequately stocked medical facilities within the vicinity ensures further safety for all residents.

Maintenance-free living

In a luxury lifestyle active adult community, interior and exterior property maintenance services are generally included in your fees. Living in this type of environment takes away your worries about the responsibilities that come with having your loved ones living in a traditional home. Tasks, like raking leaves or mowing the lawn, will be a thing of the past.

A 55+ community will have staff members who will handle exterior building maintenance as well as interior repairs on appliances, saving you all the hassle. Hired staff in a 55+ community are there to handle all landscaping responsibilities such as spreading mulch, fertilizing lawns, and taking care of the weeds. They also shovel snow off of sidewalks and driveways and make repairs to your home’s major appliances, roofing, and downspouts, among others.

Some communities encourage residents to take up the responsibility of caring for shared spaces, but this heavily depends on the community’s rules. Having residents take care of shared spaces allows them to feel more at home while also providing another opportunity for socializing with residents of similar interests.

Lifestyle freedom

55+ communities give you the freedom to live the way you desire. If you have been dreaming about traveling, you can do so knowing that your home’s maintenance will be taken care for the entire duration you are away. If you have a lively personality and love to entertain, the available spacious spaces will be sure to accommodate your plans. What if you are not that outgoing or social? Not to worry, the available amenities offer you a luxurious lifestyle on site to fit your desires.

Whatever you want to do, 55+ communities will make it possible for you to do it in a stress-free environment. The location of shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, and other community facilities makes it more convenient for residents and provides more options for how they desire to spend their days. The location also helps residents who wish to enjoy the advantages of living within the community, while also staying close to friends and family.

As you move closer to retirement, a place that offers recreation, relaxation, and social life while still affording you your privacy might be what you need. To ensure you get the most out of your experience of living in a 55+ community, try to be open to meeting new people and making new connections, take advantage of the home maintenance, and do something fun by getting involved in some of the offered activities.

It is also recommended that you find out about the type of community, keeping in mind the lifestyle you would like to lead. Ask about your neighbors and about the rules and guidelines of the community you are choosing to live in.

Once all that is sorted out, luxury lifestyle active adult communities will be sure to provide you with unique living environments. The state-of-the-art facilities, a wide variety of special interest activities, and unlimited social opportunities make a move to a 55+ community the perfect choice for your next move.

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