Zoe Treeson

Having started my career in film, storytelling is at my core. That’s why helping Verblio customers tell their most compelling stories is my bread and butter. I seek to make the journey from curious web visitor to loyal customer seamless and delightful. But Hitchcock and the Coen Brothers aren’t the only things that’ll get me chatting. Before being seduced by film, I was on a neuroscience track. So if you’re ever hankering to talk CRISPR updates or the newest RadioLab episode, be assured that you’ll have my attention.

This One’s for the Underdogs: The Best Small Business SEO Tips

By Zoe Treeson / April 26, 2017 / 1 Comment

You’re proud of the fact that you’re a small business. You’re serving a local community, you’re meeting the needs of a particularly niche community, or you’re just getting your start. However, when it comes to getting established in the digital marketing/content world, you might be feeling like underdogs since you may lack the resources or…

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