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Spring 2017 Beauty Trends: Anything Goes

By a Verblio Writer

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The polls are in for what looks are trending this coming spring, and it’s time to start thinking about what products will fill those bathroom cabinets next year. Think 80’s, the decade that shouted from the spring runways, and accent it with as much color and glitter as you dare—or maybe nothing at all.

We’ve studied the opinions of a few cosmetology professionals and have summed it up here to prep you for 2017’s beauty trends.


Braids and side parts are all the rage, according to Allure and Vogue. Keep those braids tight and those parts as deep as you can handle. To keep them looking clean and in-place, rely on quality styling creams or gels.

If you’re not into selling your image by styling your hair, you can rely on your trusty salon to provide you with a cut that says it all. We’re not used to thinking of hack jobs as a good thing, but Allure takes that to a whole new level. They feature cuts that lose the layers and go for a blunt look created by literally “hacking the models’ ends.”

Eyebrows count as hair, right? Nothing quite makes a statement like colored eyebrows, as seen on Vogue. Turn those perfectly plucked beauties yellow, lavender, or whatever shade strikes your fancy.


Anything goes here. Seriously. Elle showcases a gallery of makeup fashion that covers it all. Smoky, smudgy eyes and pastel lips are front and center, but that’s only the beginning. The 80’s are back, with bold eyes and showy blushes. Make your lipstick work twice as hard and use it to rub color into those cheekbones. In 2017, no facial feature will be safe from shocks of color and glitter.

But then, absolutely nothing is also in. A clean-face look shows up on all of your favorite fashion sites, so take this chance and flaunt your natural beauty.

If you want to land somewhere in the middle, you can try out a feature on Allure they call “color shock.” This lets one feature do all the work, such as a vibrant yellow eyeshadowon an otherwise clean face.


Yeah, that’s right. Ears. They’re featured across the board this season. So tuck those locks behinds your lobes, using your best hair accessories to draw attention where it counts. And don’t forget some sparkly dangles, hoops, or studs.

As you can see, the spring 2017 beauty trends are sure to inspire some fascinating looks. Stock up on those electric lipsticks and glittery eyeshadows/liners. Or keep it simple with just a few of your favorite products. Luckily, the wide variety of trends this spring means you can find a fashionable look that uniquely suits you.

8 Spring 2017 Beauty Trends: Bolder is Better

By Janelle L.

2016 is quickly coming to a close, and savvy fashionistas are already in the know about the hottest beauty trends of 2017. Let’s take a walk down the runway and see what stylists and makeup artists predict for 2017’s spring season.

1. Blunt Locks

Gone are the nostalgic days of the “Rachel”. 2017 trades in layered cuts for a more straight-edge look—literally. Tops and bottoms, bangs and sides: all have gone the way of the razor’s edge.

2. Deep Parts

Keeping in line with shocking blunt cuts, deep parts absolutely command attention. Pair that side part with lopped-off ends and just try to keep all eyes off of you.

3. Shine On

Matte is out, shine is in. Everywhere. Skin and hair are positively illuminating this season, with stylists trading soft creams for high-shine gels and makeup artists skipping the shimmer and going straight for the gloss.

4. Color Pop

For minimalists who still love to be trendy, this spring brings with it a fresh, clean makeup look with one bold color choice. Eyes, lips, and even ears can be the main focal point of an otherwise naked face.

5. Party Hard

Glitter, fake lashes, glitter, fun hair accessories, and tons of glitter are all the rage on the runway for the spring season. Channel your inner party animal and let your imagination run wild.

6. Tight Braids

Tight, clean braids are a major runway staple this season. Use a strong-hold gel or pomade to keep locks in place.

7. Ladies (and Gentlemen) of the ’80s

The ’80s are back in a big way. Models are rocking the runway with side ponytails and bright blushes, so dig out your Caboodle cosmetic bag and let your teenage self create a makeup look that’s sure to stun.

8. Victorian Romance

In contrast to the bold looks on the runway, 2017 does have a softer side. What does that look like, exactly? Think wispy locks, chiffon accents, and muted makeup.

With the multitude of options trending this spring, 2017 promises to provide a variety of beauty trends to keep even the most trend-setting individuals on their toes.

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