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The Benefits of Swinging

By a Verblio Writer

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Many children love to use the swings on the playground. It becomes a matter of pumping their legs, seeing how high they can go. The fun of trying to go over the top of the bar sometimes becomes a competition between children. As we grow older, many of us forget the fun and excitement that came from feeling like we were flying through the air. A recent article looked at some of the health benefits of swinging.

First, swinging is good for your overall physical health. It works your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It can also help with balance. As physical therapists, we know these are all important areas to target in your exercise routine. Swinging is also a great way to burn calories without feeling like you have overexerted yourself. You could burn 200 calories swinging for just one hour.

Second, swinging is a great way to feel the freedom of flying while being in control of just how high or fast you go. If you are afraid of heights, just pump yourself a few feet off the ground. If you want that kickback which comes from nearly reaching the height limit of the swing, you can pump your legs harder and faster. When it comes to swinging, you are really in control of your height and speed.

Finally, swinging can also be great Sensory Integration Therapy for those with developmental issues such as Autism. Children with developmental issues can be calmed by the soothing motion of the swing going back and forth. Swinging can also provide the groundwork for later more complex behaviors for children (and adults) with developmental issues.

Swinging offers a variety of other health benefits. We encourage you to learn about them on your own by finding a local park and trying out the swing set with a couple of friends or family members. You may find yourself happier and having more fun than you’ve had in quite a while, exercising or otherwise! Of course, swinging is not going to be the answer to every physical problem. When rehabilitation is required for injuries or after a surgery, you should seek the services of a reputable physical therapist.


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