Daniel Doan

Daniel Doan is a proven direct-response conversion copywriter with over 10 years of expertise writing high-converting sales pages, emails, and ads for the largest B2B companies and digital brands in America. He helps businesses increase their conversions and sales by bridging the gap between what they want to say and what their dream customers need to hear in order to turn into lifelong customers.

A no-muss, no-fuss beginner’s guide to building a website

By Daniel Doan / January 13, 2023

Content creation is tricky, and before you can even get to step one, there’s step zero: building a website. Your website will house your content. So before even worrying about…

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letters showing a SaaS acronym

SaaS Acronyms Defined and Explained

By Daniel Doan / January 12, 2023

It’s time to master the art of SaaS acronyms. If you’re sick of feeling behind the curve in the ever-changing field of software and tech, it’s time to take this…

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5 Powerful Examples of Testimonial Advertising

By Daniel Doan / November 16, 2022

Using testimonial advertising is an excellent way to promote your business, build trust, and establish social proof among potential customers. Testimonials can help boost sales and conversions when used effectively….

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a marketplace

Project Management Within a Content Marketplace

By Daniel Doan / October 3, 2022

If you are a content marketing manager or director, you already know a lot about project management: check-ins, detailed briefings, review processes—everything. But it’s one thing to manage projects in-house…

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a one person marketing team

Project Management Tips for 1-Person Marketing Teams

By Daniel Doan / September 29, 2022

The freedom of being a “one-person marketing team” is incredible. You have all the flexibility that you need to help your business find success. But what’s the downside?  You’re the…

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project management tools for content marketers

Best Project Management Tools for Content Marketers

By Daniel Doan / August 25, 2022

Project management tools are a must for any content marketer looking to scale their content machine. But which one should you use? Resources abound for comparing project management tools –…

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