Rachel Ghazel

Rachel is a content marketer by day and moonlights as a children’s author. She's managed millions of words at marketing agencies and written nearly as many. If you don’t see her color-coding her to-do list, she’s probably dusting her dictionary collection or drifting through the library stacks.

Top 8 Must-Listen Podcasts in 2023

By Rachel Ghazel / March 23, 2023

Marketers are like sponges — we absorb information. And one of the best places to get that information is podcasts. There are so many podcasts that offer unique perspectives, marketing…

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How Original is ChatGPT Content?

By Rachel Ghazel / March 17, 2023

ChatGPT just launched its API, and GPT-4 has entered the building, making it easier than ever to sync unlimited at-your-fingertips content creation with your workflow.  Whether you work in-house creating…

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How Does Verblio Identify (and Prevent) AI Content?

By Rachel Ghazel / February 15, 2023

AI content has revolutionized the digital marketing industry. It’s here, and it’s not going away any time soon. What does that mean for the content you receive from Verblio? Verblio’s…

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AI Content and Copyright: Everything We Know (and What We Don’t)

By Rachel Ghazel / February 6, 2023

AI content is on everyone’s minds. The rapid development of AI writing tools means that everything we know about AI is changing fast — and it doesn’t show signs of…

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Editing Jasper AI Blog Content to Make it Agency-Ready

By Rachel Ghazel / January 30, 2023

Marketers at agencies have their hands full. Between juggling deadlines, contractor communications, cross-team functionality, client expectations, and — somehow — still making time for every lunch-and-learn or mandatory midday stretch…

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How Verblio Stops Plagiarism as a Content Marketplace

By Rachel Ghazel / December 1, 2022

Plagiarism can really ruin your day — and your SEO.  When you outsource your content, plagiarism is a constant enemy. You’re putting the fate of your website’s domain authority in…

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