9 Reasons You Should Incorporate Supply Chain Management Software in Your Logistical Operations

By Verblio / April 11, 2022 / Comments Off on 9 Reasons You Should Incorporate Supply Chain Management Software in Your Logistical Operations

Today’s logistical industry is complex and highly competitive. Leading supply chain companies must deliver goods on time and cost-effectively. At the same time, these organizations must adhere to changing legal frameworks while trying to remain profitable in a competitive space.  Unfortunately, 50% of the importers in the United States still use messy spreadsheets to manage their complex…

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Innovative Technology Trends That Will Shape 2021

By Verblio / April 15, 2021 / Comments Off on Innovative Technology Trends That Will Shape 2021

As the new year progresses, technology trends continue to drive unprecedented change. Devices, applications, and platforms once considered cutting-edge are being replaced by even more powerful innovations, impacting how we work, live, and play.  Every aspect of technology, from programming languages to app storage, automation, and blockchain, is being reimagined and utilized in ways never…

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man writing code with two computer monitors

ProxyBroker: A Short Tutorial

By Verblio / January 4, 2019 / Comments Off on ProxyBroker: A Short Tutorial

Before we dive into the piece, here’s a quick summary video for this post we created for this post using our Video service: Public Internet proxies have a somewhat tainted reputation. A lot of people think they’re just for people to hide behind while plotting vile actions. They have legitimate uses, though. They let testers…

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A woman wearing glasses and a white jacket selects an icon from a floating digital set of ERP icons

Manufacturing ERP Requirements During Business Growth

By Verblio / May 25, 2018 / 0 Comments

Decades of analysis have provided us with a wealth of information about the growth and development of businesses, and a framework that can be applied across many industries and applications. Using this framework, we can assess the goals, practices, and needs of most businesses and make intelligent predictions of future needs.

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Who Wins? Slack vs. Workplace By Facebook

By Verblio / January 27, 2017 / 0 Comments

The best technology tools often come about by accident. The two most talked-about messaging tools for 2017 are no different. Slack evolved from a video game startup team. The game failed, but the chat app they developed to communicate with each other now has more than four million users, and will reach an estimated $100…

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6 Tips for Successful Mobile App Development

By Verblio / October 28, 2016 / 0 Comments

There’s no denying it: Mobile apps are useful, fun, and addictive to the users who love them. Nearly 90% of mobile internet time is spent on apps. Android users have access to 3.48 million apps on the Google Play Store, while the Apple App Store contains 2.22 million apps. That may sound like plenty of…

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