Finding Legitimate Opportunities to Work From Home Isn’t Easy

There are men and women out there who make money without ever having to leave their houses. They wear bathrobes and pajamas (if they want to), drink their own coffee from their favorite mugs, and they have a down-the-hall commute. We hear about them on the news, or we see stories about them in our social media channels, and we wonder how we could do that too.

Well, it isn’t easy. If you really want to find a legitimate opportunity to work from home, though, here are some things you need to consider.

legitimate opportunity to work from home#1: What Can I Do?

The most important question you have to ask before finding a work-at-home job is asking what skills you possess that the market needs. For example, are you funny? Are you an expert on car repair, computer programming, or on little-known bits of history? Can you shoot compelling video, write blog entries full of cutting wit, or run a podcast that will keep the audience hypnotized? Before you try to make money from home you need to understand what skills and knowledge you possess.

#2: Where Can I Do It?

A preponderance of people who work at home do so using the Internet, and while that’s a good start it isn’t enough to help get you from where you are to where you want to be. For example, do you want to re-finish antique furniture and sell it on Ebay? Do you want to make little amigurumi cats you can sell through an Etsy storefront? Would you rather run a blog of your own that brought in advertising revenue on Blogger, or would you prefer to hook up with a site like InfoBarrel where you can write whatever you want and leave the advertising mechanics to someone else?

No one is saying you only have to work in one location, but it helps to know what your options are before you decide to quit your day job.

#3: How Do You Get Paid?

Before trying to use any particular method to try to switch to a home-based business model you need to check and see how hard you’ll have to work with the setup you’re looking at. That means reading the fine print, and seeing how many people who’ve come before you have succeeded with this method. It also means looking at how long it took them to succeed.

For example, some websites for freelance writers supply specific jobs that need fulfillment. Each job has keywords, a word count, and a payment when it’s completed. InfoBarrel, on the other hand, allows writers to create whatever content they want at whatever length they want, but the site only pays a portion of the advertising revenue.

That’s a big difference. With the former you have cash-on-the-nail for your work, so you know exactly what you’ve earned. With the latter you’re taking a crap shoot that what you write will be popular. Do you go with the sure thing, or attempt to build up an archive that will eventually bring in a passive income from all of the advertising revenue your work is generating?

There’s no wrong option in this scenario, but if you’re looking for a way to pay your phone bill at the end of the month more so than paying your rent six years down the line the choice is pretty obvious.

For more information on legitimate opportunities to work from home simply contact us today!

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