Verblio Writer FAQ

1. Am I Eligible to Write for Verblio?

A writer for Verblio must be 18 years or older, be legally allowed to work in the U.S., and have a valid U.S. Social Security Number (SSN). We require a W9 in order to prove that you are who you say you are. We do not require that your physical work location to be in the U.S., so if you are a U.S. citizen, but would like to work from overseas, feel free to apply.

Writers will also need to pass a rigorous grammar test and plagiarism training module, in addition to completing a sample to be reviewed by our in-house team. If your sample does not meet our basic quality standards, you will not be accepted as a writer. However, if we think you’ll be successful with Verblio, you’ll be able to offer that sample for sale to a customer immediately.

We do not require that you have previous experience as a professional writer, however, if you do, you’ll likely move up through our levels much more quickly to access higher paid jobs. We personally review each writer’s first post and then we’ll review your work again once you’ve completed a couple of jobs and gotten the hang of our platform. If your work is exceptional, we may offer you an early upgrade to longer-form requests.

2. How do I get Paid?

We pay invoices of any amount via PayPal every Monday. There is no minimum or maximum invoice. We use PayPal exclusively, so if you are not able to use PayPal, we will not be able to pay you.

Pay is based on the size of the job, which you will see prior to beginning work on that request. You will be able to invoice for a job only once the customer has purchased your content. You do need to submit an invoice in order to get paid.

When you begin, you will only have access to our simplest jobs. As you write more at Verblio, you will gain points in our system to get access to higher-paying opportunities at higher word counts. Pay starts at $10.50 for a 300-400 word post and beyond that, varies based on word length. We offer jobs from 300 to 3000 words.

3. What Type of Customers will I be Writing for?

One great thing about being a writer for Verblio is the huge variety of customers we have. From tech to marketing, and blockchain to yoga, we’re pretty sure you’ll have no trouble finding someone to write for.

4. What types of jobs do you offer?

We now offer several different types of written content, including blog posts, newsletters, web content, ebooks, white papers, and more. We also work on large one-time projects in editing, product descriptions, video scripts, and more.

For all of our jobs, you’ll be writing for businesses and you’ll need to be writing for their audiences and from their perspectives. This is professional writing and we expect your content to be error-free, polished, and appropriate to the customer’s voice and tone.

5. Do I have to Pay You in Order to Write for You?

No! On the contrary. We pay you to write for us.

6. Do you hire editors? Translators? 

Not officially. On occasion, we offer these types of jobs on an individual basis. However, these are uncommon and in order to be chosen for them, you’ll need to be a high level writer. We don’t offer opportunities at the moment for people who are only interested in roles as editors and/or translators.

7. Do I Need Experience in Writing?

We welcome writers from all backgrounds and with different levels of experience to be a writer for Verblio. Writers who are just starting out in their careers in freelance writing and seasoned professionals alike should apply.

However, we do like to set some expectations: professional and highly experienced writers will likely move up to higher-paying jobs more quickly than less experience writers. We personally review your content at several stages and if your content is on point, you can earn early access to higher level jobs. If you’re new to content writing and writing for businesses, it may take you a little while to get up to speed and earn the type of income you’re looking for.

8. Can I put my name on the content that I sell?

No. Once a Verblio customer purchases your content, they own the rights to that content. You may not link to or republish that content in any form—to do so would be plagiarism, a violation of their copyright. Customers are not required to put your name on the content when it is published, nor to acknowledge in any way that they work with Verblio. Our clients are confidential and any action that compromises that confidentiality is a violation of our Terms of Service.

9. I’m in the military/ a digital nomad/ traveling around the world. Can I write for Verblio?

Yes! We welcome U.S. citizens living abroad.

10. Applications are closed. What happens next?

If you click on “Apply now” and you see a message letting you know that applications are closed, don’t despair! We receive an extremely high volume of writer applications and we are committed to carefully reviewing each one.

In this situation, simply enter your contact information so that we can add you to our waitlist. As soon as we have the bandwidth, we release groups of writers from the waitlist, and we’ll let you know by email when you’re free to complete the rest of your application.

You can also complete your Expertise Profile, which you can access by logging in to our site and clicking on the email address in the upper righthand corner of the site. If you have specific expertise that we’re lacking or that our customers are requesting in high volumes, we may be more likely to release you early from our waitlist.


This post was written, as well as any other posts with the author "Verblio," by one of our 3,000+ U.S.-based writers who write for thousands of clients monthly, across 38 different industries. Only the top 4% of writers who apply with Verblio get accepted, so our standards for writers (and content) are high.

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