Hospitality Sample Post: Creative Sales Ideas for Hotels Using Email Marketing

This 609-word sample post was written for the hospitality industry to market a consultant or hotel thought leader’s expertise in content and marketing operations for hospitality specifically—this article is catered toward the leaps that a hotel or venue can make just through automated email campaigns or newsletter email broadcasts.

It was written by Verblio writer Beth B., homeschooling mom with an English degree, who most frequently writes articles for Verblio customers surrounding health and fitness, education, parenting and children, home decor, party planning, and the like.

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Email marketing means sending emails to customers in order to help build relationships and boost revenue. It requires knowing both who you are and who your customers are. It does not mean simply sending an email outlining what you think your greatest feature is.

Successful email marketing is only done with thorough research and careful planning.

Excitement is paramount when starting an email marketing campaign. Just like the first line of a speech, or the first line of a book, the first impression of an email has the power to carry your entire campaign, or to fizzle it to nothing.

So make it big. Make it good. Make it strong. But also make it last.

“How?” you ask. That’s always the first question.

Office Employee Using Digital Tablet


When you know who you’re talking to, you will know how to speak to them.

Is this too elementary a concept? But this thought seems to have been lost among all the promotions of the world. Businesses are shouting who they are, and while that is an important piece of marketing, equally important is the recipient. Like the rockstar who sings for their own fans and receives the benefit of sold-out venues, a business who truly understands their customers has the power to build personal relationships and lasting loyalty.

In the world of email marketing, being heard is not akin to turning on a microphone. Customer relationship management is a real thing that takes a multitude of data and research, but in the end will help you build the unique, personal content that your customers crave.


People love stories, so share yours, and make it sound interesting. Why are you doing this email campaign in the first place? Likely, the simple answer is to gain customers and boost revenue. Since you can’t say that to your customers, think a little deeper into how your business helps people. For instance, the hotel is a home away from home. It is a respite, a refreshing place to lay your head after a long day of meetings. It is not apart from the vacation itself.

Your welcome email should draw people in and make them excited to keep receiving the emails to which they subscribed. Then, email after email should showcase important aspects, universal truths and engaging desires, including seasonal promotions and anniversaries.

All the while, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of your marketing and the involved parties, i.e., the business and the customer. This excitement is the thrill that will make customers want to open your emails.


In the end, an email campaign will not succeed without readers. Email inboxes are overflowing all over the world just like regular mailboxes. Coupons and promotions get tossed away, deleted, unopened. Every business is trying to get and retain customers, but placing the focus on your customers creates a draw. Using images that are relevant and striking, and writing clear, concise, active subject lines will help people to see your email above the crowd of nonsense.

This is the era of personalization. Your customers want to know that they are making the right choice by choosing you. Show them you are the right choice. Let us help you stand out by helping you stand with your customers.

Contact us today to begin a complete, tailored email marketing campaign. We are experts at this, so it’s okay if you do not understand the process yet. We are here to help you grow your business.



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