Are You Migrating to the New Hubspot COS?


It’s no secret that we are actively involved with HubSpot here, and we’re not the only ones.

HubSpot COS BlogMuttThe Boston company is best known for its inbound marketing software. They have thousands of customers who are using over 20 tools to help web marketers utilize analytics. These tools help people understand how users are interacting with their website and social media content, and combine data from multiple sources into one interface, making it easier for marketers to create quality content and interpret the results of their campaigns.

(Some say that their Make Love Not Spam campaign revolutionized the world of email marketing.)

They also put out a ton of free newsletters, infographics, and eBooks that provide small business tips for getting started with inbound marketing and understanding how different social networks operate.

Here at BlogMutt, our clients are almost exclusively operating their websites with Content Management Software, known as CMS. WordPress is the most popular CMS, but there are many others. CMS has been the bottom line, and the most intelligent and professional way to build a website that’s easy to update, easy to change, and easy for readers to interact with.

Until now.

Hubspot has unveiled something that even gets its own acronym: COS (Content Optimization System) is more than just a fancy renamed CMS. The same reader-centric philosophies that helped build HubSpot as a respected web marketing platform appears to have succeeded in creating a responsive way of building websites that create a customized experience for every reader based on how they respond to content all over the web. Imagine: Every user experiencing their own personalized internet.

Current Hubspot users are migrating their entire website over to the Hubspot platform, to utilize their new COS. Marketers and certified Hubspot consultants are dealing with an influx of clients wanting to benefit from the new system. We’re seeing some of our clients switch over and they’re reporting great results.

Marketing has always been about change, and the COS is an example of that remaining true.

As always, our commitment is to providing our clients with high quality content for their website. Whether you plan to switch over to the COS or not, we’ll keep doing our part. If you’ve switched, contact us and let us know what your experiences are, we’d love to see the results.

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