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10 Reasons Blogging is the Best Freelance Work From Home Opportunity For Seniors

By a Verblio Writer

(687 words)

For many seniors, social security benefits and retirement may not be enough to keep the bills paid and give them the freedom to travel and enjoy life the way they had planned.

Finding a job can be difficult, and many have turned to non-traditional forms of employment. Blogging is one route that more seniors are turning to in order to create some supplemental income.

Curious why? Here are 10 reasons blogging is the best freelance work from home opportunity for seniors.

  1. Allows you to share your expertise: Experience is the best teacher, and blogging allows seniors to share with the world. Seniors have a lot to offer because of all the life and work experiences they have had. Years of working in a certain field or taking part in a hobby amount to a vast knowledge base that can be tapped to educate and entertain the younger generations.
  2. No age-discrimination: The sad truth is that seniors have a harder time finding a job in today’s fast paced, technology-laden world. Companies often prefer to hire younger individuals over older workers. Freelance blogging avoids this problem all together. In fact, many blog sites are specifically intended for seniors and often prefer senior writers.
  3. Can be done anytime, and anywhere: Instead of having a set schedule where you have to be at work at a certain time and you can’t leave until the day is done, freelance blogging can be done at any time of the day or night. You can work from home, the library, a cafe, or anywhere else. You decide where, when and how often you work. That’s freedom at its best.
  4. Doesn’t require any new training: You don’t have to go back to school to get a new degree or take a class to blog. There are no prerequisites, no outlandish requirements, no certifications, and no degrees needed to be a blogger. If you can articulate your thoughts and type, even moderately well, you’ve got all the skills you need.
  5. Requires minimal equipment: You don’t have to spend a dime to get started in blogging at all. Blogging is done online, but you don’t even need your own computer. Most libraries these days have community computers that you can use. You could also borrow a computer from a family member, neighbor, or friend.
  6. Puts your communication skills to use: For years you’ve been able to articulate your thoughts verbally and in written form, whether for your job or in your personal life. As a senior, you’ve got the advantage in that your skills have been honed for decades. Using those skills keeps them in tip-top shape and allows you to share more of yourself with the world.
  7. Keeps your mind sharp: Seniors that try new things run a lesser risk of developing memory issues and dementia. Keeping your mind stimulated can benefit your health and well-being greatly. Actively taking part in blogging can be a huge boost to your memory, and you’ll learn something along the way, which will keep your mental capacity strong and healthy.
  8. Helps you keep up with current events & trends: New technologies are popping up all the time, and many specifically benefit seniors. Blogging about the current events and trends of the world around you gives you an edge. Sharing that information with others enables them to benefit from your research as well.
  9. Adds to your monthly income: Living on a limited income can be very challenging. Social security benefits can hardly keep up with the increased cost of living we all face. Many seniors find themselves having to chose between paying bills, buying medications, and eating. By writing just a few blog posts each month, you can add enough to your income to make those choices much easier.
  10. Gives you bragging rights with the grandkids: When you start to blog and get really good at it, you’ll be able to speak the language of the young. Let them know that you’re a blogger now, and they’ll be very impressed. The fact that you’re doing some freelance work online might even encourage them to do more than just play games with their computer!

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