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Healthcare & Medical

A Writer’s Perspective For Healthcare Topics

By a Verblio Writer

(362 words)

  • 250 words is very short. I look for content that will grab the reader’s attention, primarily by using a thought-provoking question in the title. In the healthcare series, the 250-word title was, “Is Your Hospital Reaping the Benefits of Patient Blood Management Techniques?” With no time to waste, I let the reader know immediately what they will learn about. I included short, to-the-point bullets, often backed up by links to further research and detail.

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  • 600 words gives me an opportunity to expand further. For the healthcare series, I chose to select one piece of research, expand on it and show how it relates to “Patient Blood Management” (PBM). While the 250-word blog was a general overview, the 600-word blog dug deeper into a specific area that is effected by PBM.

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  • The 900-word blog illustrates the benefits of PBM, originally noted in the 250-word piece. However, the additional length allowed me to expand the benefits of PBM to six bullets, and include highlights from the research and quotes from reputable sources. Each bullet title was expanded to a call-to-action as opposed to a short phrase, as seen in the 250-word blog.

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  • The 1200-word blog detailed just how a medical organization can implement a PBM plan. I saved this content for the longest blog because it’s a topic that requires a lot of content to be fully informative. Medical facilities needed to know about preventive measures, pharmaceuticals and medical devices in order to get the full picture. The expanded length allowed me to include case studies and research.

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In my opinion, healthcare topics benefit from the three longer blog lengths. Research can always be included with links to outside sources to save space. However, the longer lengths allow you to highlight to readers exactly what they need to know from the research. The 250-word piece may direct readers where to go for research, but it makes them wade through text to find the key points.

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