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Interior Decoration

Top Interior Design Trends For 2019

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A little known side effect of cabin fever is the almost obsessive need to update your house–all those housebound hours spent going down the Pinterest and Houzz wormholes leave you ready to charge ahead with a renovation, or at least a redecorating, of your home. But beware the herd mentality of the internet–just because you see a lot of terrazzo tiles on home decor websites does not mean you should rip up your kitchen floor and install said tiles.

Color, curves, and comfort are back in vogue for interiors, so whether you’re looking for an easy update or a complete renovation, these are the best trends in design for 2019.


Color is back–rich, bold, brave color. The bland and soothing grays and oysters of the 2000s are being painted over with deeply saturated tones with dramatic names–Night Watch (deep green), Kimono Violet, and Salty Dog (marine blue)–that make you want to grab a paintbrush and get to it. And yes, you can paint a small room in a vibrant hue–a powder room is the perfect choice for dipping your brush into the world of color. With a great mirror and lighting, your boring space is transformed into a perfect jewel box of a room.

happy couple painting their wall bright green


Why not decorate your ceilings? White paint is a bore–install exposed beams or coffers on your ceilings–and wall paper for a big surprise when people look up. Dressing up the ceiling for maximum impact is a much better choice than “important” lighting in every room.


Cabbage roses really never go out of style, they just fade away–and then come back with a vengeance. Florals are back, but with an edgy, graphic twist as well as the traditional English chintz–only in acid green or black this time around.

Canopy Beds

Yes, those four poster beds your grandparents had are back. Modern beds have sleeker lines than the arched canopy frames of yore, but if you’ve still got one in the attic, bring it out and use it–the fabric canopy over the frame has not made the same comeback, so not to worry if you’ve outgrown frills.

Big Art

Replace your sad minimalist gray abstracts with big pieces of color-soaked art. Display what you love on your walls, and don’t worry about whether it “matches” your furniture. Your house, your rules, your art.

Dining Rooms

As it turns out, having a dinner party in the same space where your kids do their homework isn’t such a great thing after all. Walls in general are making a comeback, as are the well-defined rooms that ensue. Dining rooms can do double duty as a study or a morning room, but a designated room for eating ( as opposed to watching TV, playing video games, or texting your friends under the table) is a fabulous concept whose time has thankfully come again. It doesn’t have to be a formal room with a mahogany table that seats sixteen, but a dining room is the place for a fabulous piece of statement lighting since it hangs over the table and can be dramatic without being dangerous if you don’t have high ceilings.

Mixed Metals

Your mother probably told you not to mix gold and silver jewelry (or wear white after Labor Day). Mother was wrong–mixing your metals is the alchemist’s equivalent of mixing floral and plaid–it has to be done right. Silver candlesticks, black metal lamp bases, and an aged iron chandelier in the dining room, or a stainless vent hood and copper lighting in the kitchen–just don’t mix more than three metals or it’s going to get a little too shiny.

Trends in design have staying power–silver candlesticks and good upholstery never really go out of style, but every room needs a little freshening up-especially after a long cold winter.

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