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Interior Decoration

Top Interior Design Trends For 2023

By a Verblio Writer

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Interior design trends change every year. Bold decisions replace minimalistic elements while vintage farmhouses complement high-tech environments. If you are planning to change your home this year, you have a variety of amazing options to choose from.

Just remember, your interior design is something truly personal. Choosing a style simply because it’s trendy could leave you feeling uncomfortable and confused.

Thankfully, all new trends are open-ended. They allow you to mix and match while staying true to your inner designer. Let’s take a closer look at what 2023 interior design trends have in store.

Nature is Here to Stay

Letting nature into your home is a timeless trend, which isn’t about to go away. From natural wooden, stone, and terracotta textures to nature-driven colors, these elements can easily create a calming and soothing environment.

The best part about natural elements is their diversity which suits virtually any budget. From throw rugs and light fixtures to window dressings and potted plants, it’s easy to bring nature into your home without dramatic changes to the rest of the design.

Natural light is an integral part of natural design. Doing everything you can to maximize natural light sources can energize your home in ways you never thought possible. Big windows, mirrors, and reflective surfaces are a must-have.

Comfort Takes Center Stage

Back in 2019, when many people had to stay at home, they realized the utter importance of comfort. Since then, each new year brings a new level of comfort. Soft textured furniture, comfort-based accessories, soft paint colors, throw pillows, and blankets spell out comfort and convenience.

Coffee tables, rocking chairs, and huge TVs are in style. Each element should remind you that your home is the most comfortable place in the world.

Home Office is a Must-Have

By the end of 2022, 25% of professional jobs in the USA will be remote.  In 2023, these numbers will grow. That’s why home offices are becoming an essential part of design.

A home office doesn’t have to be a faceless reminder of your real office. You can design it the way you always wanted with a comfy chair, a cup holder, a leg rest, and whatever else you decide.

You can also consider zoning off a part of any room to make space for a small home office. By the way, natural elements fit into the home office space perfectly!

Dining Rooms Are Back 

As it turns out, having a dinner party in the same space where kids do their homework isn’t such a great thing after all. Walls in general are making a comeback as well as defined rooms that ensue.

Dining rooms can pull double duty as a study or a morning room, but a designated room for eating (as opposed to watching TV, playing video games, or texting your friends under the table) is an amazing concept. 

It doesn’t have to be a formal room with a mahogany table that seats sixteen. It should be the perfect place to have dinner without interfering with other family activities. You can make it special with a fabulous piece of statement lighting.

Mixing the Metals Works

Your mother probably told you not to mix gold and silver jewelry (or wear white after Labor Day). She was wrong. If you don’t like how metals mix, you aren’t doing it the right way.

Silver candlesticks, black metal lamp bases, an aged iron chandelier in the dining room, or a stainless vent hood and copper lighting in the kitchen look amazing. Just don’t mix more than three metals, or it’s going to get a little too shiny.

Trends in design have staying power. Silver candlesticks and good upholstery never really go out of style, but every room needs a little freshening up-especially after a long cold winter.

Patterns Spice Up Your Life

Mixing silver and gold? Plaid and florals are up next. While some people still prefer minimalistic designs, the new trends are trying to bring more excitement into the picture. In 2023, you will see a great variety of patterns. Mixing and matching them will become a new art.

Consider adding patterns to flooring, using patterned wallpaper, adding wall decorations, and more. Besides being fun to look at, patterns are in style because they harness the energy and create an unforgettable environment in any room of your house.

By the way, why not decorate your ceilings? Exposed beams, coffers, or wallpaper on your ceilings turn into a big surprise when people look up. Dressing up the ceiling for maximum impact is a much better choice than “important” lighting in every room.

Softer Colors Are In

In 2023, Pantone Colors of the Year are mostly neutral. From light blue to lilac, they set the stage for contrast. While such contrast works with clothing, it may not always be great for your home. That’s why sticking with Pantone’s new classics is a great idea.

When it comes to patterns, you can play around with mixing and matching different colors from the available pallet. Blazing Yellow and Pink Cosmos can become an excellent match for their cooler and softer counterparts.

Your mother probably told you not to mix gold and silver jewelry (or wear white after Labor Day). Mother was wrong–mixing your metals is the alchemist’s equivalent of mixing floral and plaid–it has to be done right. Silver candlesticks, black metal lamp bases, and an aged iron chandelier in the dining room, or a stainless vent hood and copper lighting in the kitchen–just don’t mix more than three metals or it’s going to get a little too shiny.

Geometry Sets the Mood

Geometric shapes in your house can set the mood for inspiration, discovery, and imagination. While some designers are considering arches, others are implementing circles and ellipses.

When coupled with soothing colors and natural materials, such geometry can bring out the best in your home.

Hospitality Design Leads the Way 

Hospitality design is the new cousin of the popular minimalistic style. Since lack of color and furniture isn’t that fun anymore, minimalism fans are switching to hospitality design trends.

Functional, attractive, and useful elements work great for people who can’t handle an abundance of colors and patterns. The clean look is attractive, soothing, and surprisingly comfortable.

Improving Your Home In 2023

Improving your home in 2023 warrants an in-depth look at current design trends. While the new approach may surprise you at first, it can turn your home into a comfy and functional masterpiece.

Even if you aren’t a design guru, new trends can add some spice to your life and help you make an important step out of your comfort zone.

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