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It’s A Ruff Life: The benefits that dogs can give to children

By a Verblio Writer

(357 words)

Many parents struggle with whether or not they should allow their children to have a pet. Typically, parents are busy, and don’t like the added responsibility of taking care of another living being. However, there are so many benefits that dogs can give to children, that you might consider these three points in favor of adding a canine family member to your household:

1. Dogs teach responsibility and compassion.

Having a dog to take care of teaches children to care for and think of others’ needs. With supervision, many children can start to feed a dog when they are just a few years old. Help your children by encouraging them to join in walking the dog and cleaning up after it. 

2. Dogs offer unconditional friendship and love.

A family dog will be a good friend to your children, even through the difficult teenage years when some teens have social and emotional difficulties. A dog will love them no matter what, which will also help to teach your children about acceptance.

3. Dogs keep everyone active. 

When many children love to watch television, your family dog begging to go outside for a walk is a good way to get everyone out the door. Children love to run and play ball with their eager playmate.

It’s reasonable to be worried about all of the extra care and responsibility that comes along with a family dog. The truth is that the benefits outweight the cons. Dogs teach responsibility, acceptance, and friendship. They will also keep the whole family active, and not just playing video games or watching TV.

Keep all of this in mind as you consider getting a dog for your children. You just might have trouble saying no to that cute puppy face the next time you pass one.


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