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What We Know About GMC’s New 2023 Sierra EV

By a Verblio Writer

(485 words)

Despite the slow sales of its Hummer EV, GMC plans to introduce a second pickup in the increasingly crowded EV segment. In 2023, the manufacturer will release a Sierra EV that promises more innovative styling than its gas-powered counterpart, the Sierra 1500, and more affordable pricing than the Hummer. 

Sierra Options for a Futuristic EV

Car and Driver recently reported on GMC’s teaser image of the Sierra EV’s front grille, but, besides that futuristic peek, information about the new electric pickup has been scarce. Based on the existing options for the Sierra 1500, however, we can make some predictions as to the future EV’s specs.

The Sierra EV will likely offer Regular Cab, Double Cab, and Crew Cab configurations, with short, standard, and long box beds available. We also expect the EV to sport a 13.4-inch touchscreen and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. These features are currently available on all Sierra 1500 trims except the base model Pro, so we anticipate the EV will follow suit.

Another EV to Come Out of Factory Zero

We also know that the electric Sierra will be manufactured alongside the Hummer and the Chevy Silverado EV at GMC’s Factory Zero plant in Detroit, Michigan, to leverage the plant’s economies of scale. It’s expected to share the same platform as the Silverado and use the same Ultium battery packs that provide the Chevy pickup up to 400 miles of range.

These ties to the Silverado provide additional clues as to the electric Sierra’s potential capabilities. The Silverado EV, which will be released as a 2024 model, will be powered by two motors, as compared to the Hummer’s three. Its horsepower ranges between 510 and 664, depending on trim choice, and it will come with a fast-charging option that provides 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes.

The Silverado will also come standard with AWD, be able to tow up to five tons, and carry a 1300-pound payload. However, given that the gas-powered Silverado can haul and tow a bit more than the Sierra 1500, the Silverado EV may have the upper hand over the Sierra EV on these capabilities as well. 

The GMC Sierra EV: The Next Electric Pickup

So far, all we have for the GMC Sierra EV is a front grille, and a lot of speculation. GMC has not yet revealed so much as a release date for its newest electric pickup.

It’s logical to assume, however, that as GMC looks to scale up EV production rapidly in the next few years, the company would manufacture similar models using the same chassis, powertrains, and other fundamental components. Given how much the gas-powered Silverado and Sierra have in common, it’s likely the Silverado and Sierra EVs will be similar as well.

In the meantime, what we know for certain is that the Sierra EV will be built using the Ultium platform, with production slated to begin in 2023 at Factory Zero.  As for the rest, only time will tell.

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