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Private Investigation – 3 Times Social Media Provided The Critical Intel To Crack The Case

By a Verblio Writer

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It is the experience every parent fears. Your child is missing and everything the police say sounds like gibberish. Your mind cannot grasp even the basics because you are so terrified for your child.

Most people have little to no interaction with law enforcement, so it is understandably overwhelming and confusing when a situation occurs that requires immediate and prolonged contact. Having an expert in your corner that has foreknowledge of police routines and procedures can ease the burden.


Private Investigators & Social Media

Many private investigators used to work in some law enforcement capacity. They have a vast knowledge of police procedures. They also have access to information not available to most citizens such as social media accounts, phone and email records, and background checks. Social media now plays a larger role in investigations, specifically in the area of digital forensics.

Officers across the U.S. are utilizing Facebook to spread information regarding suspects in petty or property crimes farther and faster than ever before. With a high success rate for producing useful intel, Facebook’s post and share features allow law enforcement to post a picture or video of the suspect and the public can like and share.

Analyzing the digital footprint of an individual is another valuable tool for investigators. With people ever more reliant on technology, digital trails are inevitable. In the case of two missing girls in Andover in 2014, digital forensics led police to the house the girls were being held in.

Reviewing social media posts is another beneficial investigative tool. Many criminals in recent years have taken to social media platforms to boast about their illegal activity. From murderers to bank robbers and even dead beat parents skipping out on child support payments. Researching social media feeds often leads to pertinent circumstantial evidence and can help prevent crimes through data gathering and surveillance.

There are so many ways private investigators assist vulnerable families through impossible situations. Utilizing social media research is just one.

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