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7 Shining Examples to Emulate in the Hospitality Industry from TripAdvisor

By a Verblio Writer

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In the hospitality industry, making everyone happy all the time is the goal. Does it succeed every time? Of course not. But when it comes to creating satisfied customers, it’s ongoing dedication to excellence that counts. The best customer experiences occur when someone is treated far better than they expected to be.

What are they looking for? Here are 7 examples to emulate in the hospitality industry, split up into categories and taken from reviews of TripAdvisor’s list of top hotels in the world.

1. Room Appointments

  • “The rooms have big TVs, lovely Molton Brown bath products, Nespresso machines, balconies, separate huge bathtubs and rainforest showers.”

Customers want to feel not only at home, but pampered. Providing them with a comfortable, welcoming room upon their arrival is a signal that they can trust you for the remainder of their stay. A first impression of luxury and thoughtfulness sets the stage for a satisfying stay.

2. Staff

  • “The real differentiator is the staff. Everybody we met was very competent and always charming. The butler concept takes service to a new level.”

Traveling is stressful. The quality of service is often the most important sign to guests that they have made the right hotel choice. Friendly, capable staff make anxious or weary guests feel as if they can relax.

3. Cleanliness

  • “The rooms were exceptionally well maintained and the housekeeping was perfect.”

No matter how they keep their homes, customers demand that their hotel rooms be spotlessly clean. They may not wear white gloves to check for dust anymore, but you can be sure they are checking corners, wastebaskets, and windowsills for sloppiness. Customers don’t see housekeeping happen, which is all the more reason why it should be of the highest quality.

4. Food

  • “The best breakfast spread ever! Pudding! Fresh-to-order omelet bar! Meat and cheese station! Fresh pressed juice! Homemade yogurt! Croissant! Baguette! Sushi! Fresh fruit that actually tastes good. And so much more we couldn’t even eat.”

Food is love, especially when you’re traveling or on vacation. Making sure that customers find your food interesting, delicious, and a good value is an important investment in their return business.

5. Special Services

  • “…the complimentary cell phone with GPS and free phone service was a nice addition.”

The better you know your target audience, the better they will feel about staying with you. The business hotel above knew that it hosted many international business travelers who might encounter cell phone challenges outside their local calling areas.

6. Personalized Touches

  • “It was my 60th birthday while we were there and they made me feel very special with chocolate cake, balloons and a card signed by the management and staff.”

Like the special services in #5, personalized treats make customers feel recognized. Use tools like online surveys at booking to learn what is important to your customers, so you can celebrate it with them.

7. Adventures or Excursions

  • “Along the river, we saw falcons, white egrets, floating purple hyacinth flowers like floating islands.”

People travel to broaden their experiences. Making it easy for them to experience the highlights of the local community will help them remember their hotel as the center of a great vacation.

In the fiercely competitive hospitality market, it is difficult to build a unique reputation for being the best. The hotels reviewed above have been successful, creating a loyal following. Their customers know that they are seen as individuals and treated with respect. The amenities and services that they offer their guests are examples to emulate in the hospitality industry.

Would you like to see this kind of feedback from your guests? Show them this kind of love and listen to their ideas about what would make their experience go above and beyond, and you will see their satisfaction blossom, bringing in more bookings, better reviews, and a brighter bottom line.

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