Kevin Lawrence

At Verblio, I ensure premium, personalized service for our largest customers. I love learning what stories and values make up other people, including our writers and customers. Have any good stories? Tell me!


3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Interns Write Your Blog

By Kevin Lawrence / February 15, 2017

First things first: we love interns. Every single one of Verblio’s (formerly BlogMutt) employees has completed at least one internship that helped them advance or become meaningful over the course of…

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How to Mine Reddit to Unearth New Ideas for Blog Posts

By Kevin Lawrence / November 22, 2016

Running an effective business blog requires a steady stream of unique content that your audience finds intriguing. Coming up with fresh ideas for blog posts that your audience wants to read…

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How To Build Client Relationships Effectively This Holiday Season

By Kevin Lawrence / November 17, 2016

The holiday season is emotionally charged. More than any time of the year, high levels of stress and good spirit cause people to respond intensely. As a marketing agency, you…

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You Need These: 4 Tips To Improve Email Efficiency

By Kevin Lawrence / October 24, 2016

As slaves to our inbox, we let our attention to the task at hand be dismissed every time a new email arrives. True email efficiency is now a rare skill in…

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4 Blogging Tips From The White House Blog

By Kevin Lawrence / August 30, 2016

No one quite outgrows blogging. Since its first website in 1994, the White House has continued to expand its online presence. Today, the White House blog showcases the principles required to build…

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Out Of The Office? Let Travel Be Your Natural Blog Topic Generator

By Kevin Lawrence / July 29, 2016

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” -Ibn Buttuta Have you been traveling more than BlogMutt? We’re a staff of vegabonders. This month we’ve had…

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