Out Of The Office? Let Travel Be Your Natural Blog Topic Generator

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” -Ibn Buttuta

Have you been traveling more than BlogMutt? We’re a staff of vegabonders. This month we’ve had staff in Spain, Seattle, France, and England. And that’s not including weekends in the Rocky Mountains next to our new office.


Like you, our own blog still needs love and attention while we’re on the road. That’s why we understand—when you’re traveling, whether for business or pleasure, the last thing you want to have to worry about is coming up with blog post topics.

Here’s the good news: travel can be a natural blog topic generator. By using your experiences on the road, you can come up with more ideas for blog content that everyone can relate to without stressing yourself out.



Discover Relatable Content for Blogs

Traveling raises experiences everyone understands. Have you heard Louis C.K.’s bit about flying? It’s my all-time favorite joke because it’s incredibly relatable. Remember, your audience is more likely to read your post (or listen to your joke) if they’ve shared in the experience.

Traveling makes this easy. It creates ideas that will strike a chord with your readers, including metaphors, images, and questions that you hear from people around you. To use this content in your blog post ideas, try this:

  • Take notes. The last thing you want is to come up with a great idea for a blog post topic, then forget it by the time you’re back in front of your computer.
  • Better yet, journal. Then read your travel journal later, circle, and flesh out any interesting topics that might capture an audience.
  • Get into discussions with the people around you. Ask them what questions they have or what information they’d love to see in a blog post. Many people will be glad to offer up ideas for content that will help them later.

Look for Entertaining Content

Let’s face it: travel rarely goes as smoothly as you hoped. You’ll pick up plenty of entertaining stories as you navigate the airport, try to find your way in an unfamiliar city, and handle misunderstandings with coworkers and customers. Traveling with your family? You’ve got an even larger basis for entertaining content! Insert some light, entertaining content into your blog from your travels, including:

  • Make notes on funny stories that a writer can twist and make uniquely their own.
  • Look at interesting landmarks and the other sights of your trip. How do they relate to the purpose of your blog and the content you’re trying to display?
  • Listen. What are the hot topics of discussion? What is everyone reading? Turn those into blog post topics.

My #1 Secret

Here’s my secret. Become comfortable with the fact that all your experiences can be related to your company’s blog. Use this Mad Lib to get started: “How (travel experience) relates to (my industry/product).” If your title sounds odd, just remember it’s proven that a surprising title gains the most attention.

You’ll soon be considering completely unique ideas. This week, Scott returned from Spain during a Pokemon Go obsession. Arriving late to a trend is a relatable travel experience we all understand. So he wrote about it! Turns out the intersection between Pokemon Go and outsourced blog writing makes a great blog. 


Once you’ve let your adventures serve as blog topic generators, you’ll discover that it’s easier to sit back and enjoy the rest of the trip. Once you’ve come up with the ideas, our writers will supply the rest.

Curious to learn more about how our writers can turn your ideas into detailed blog posts that will keep your website fresh and up-to-date? Submit the form below.



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